Thursday, September 4

Fabric Combos from Hobby Lobby

Today while I was picking up some batting for an upcoming rag quilt I drooled over some pretty cotton prints. Here are a few combos that I liked lots. (I apologize for the quality of the photos, they are from my phone.)

I like the stripes for a bias tape, the cream background for the waistband and ties and the dark pink background for the body of an apron. I think I even like these for a tote or small bag.

These prints would look really good with the remaining bias tape that I made.

I love the true color of these two. The lime is really set off by the blues.

These are another set that would make a lovely apron or bag. Once again I think the stripe would make a pretty bias tape with the polka dots as the ties and the flowers for the bib and skirt.

The Mama~ This is a combo that I like for your apron if you still want to use the pink leopard print and stripes.
This would also make a cute bag. I like the black print for a top too.
The Mama~ This is another idea with the leopard & stripes like V's.
I am thinking of using the top one as a quilt top for V.

The top print isn't polka dots it's tiny hearts. I love it. I think they would complement a nice B&W polka dot too.

This might be my favorite of what I saw today. The colors are very modern but the pattern reminds me of another time.

If only I had endless cash to build my stash because these ALL would have followed me home today. As it was I settled for batting at a 30% discount. How often can I go into a fabric store and leave with only spending $5? Not very!

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  1. Hey Sweetie, Given the choice I like the second option better. Even tho Papa John loves black I do not like it too much. I like the patchwork kind of print much better. It says "The Mama"