Friday, September 19

Going on Vacation

Tonight the Hubs, A and I leave for California. It is going to be wonderful to get out into the middle of nowhere (literally) to relax for a week. I anticipate much couple time with Hubs, lots of time for A to spend with his great grandparents, time for friends and even some alone reading and crafting time.
I am taking along several books on Montessori, some embroidery work, and some wool and a crochet hook for beanie making. I hope to have plenty of time to work on everything that I want to while out there. I am also taking my camera in hopes of getting lots of good images for future posts.
Have a wonderful time while I am gone.

1 comment:

  1. I hope you get everything out of your trip that you need. I am looking so forward to having you guys come here very soon. Please be safe and spread the love. We plan on spending alot of time on the bike this weekend. Let me know when you get home. I love you. The Mama