Wednesday, May 28

Brain Food

Life has been full lately but not is a way that is great to blog about. So my goal of posting something daily that I have been creative about just hasn't happened. Why? I haven't had time to really sew much since the boy has been on a sleeping strike. I have had a chance to read a few different sewing and toddler parenting books thanks to my local public library.
What do I have this week?
1. Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol. Her blog is here.
2. Sewing Simple Slipcovers by Tracy Munn.
3. The Everything Toddler Book by Linda Sonna, Ph.D.
4. How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way by Tim Seldin.
5. Montessori from the Start by Paula Polk Lillard and Lynn Lillard Jessen.
6. Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn.

I haven't gotten to the last 2 but the others I have had a chance to bite into a bit.
Bend the Rules Sewing has so many great project that I want to give a try. I am really into the Simple Tote, Artsy Clutch and the Charming Handbag. I can't wait to try the Pleated Beauty Bag. There are also around the house projects that seem super simple and lots of fun. After I refinish (or replace) my coffee table I would love to have the Clever Coasters. When we get a house and have a dining table I would really like to make the Mixy-Matchy Napkins and a Modern Table Runner. We got some place mats as a wedding gift but they are very bland and I would love to make some really amazing ones that we could use all the time. Can I just say how much I love, love the Sugar-Sweet Curtains? The house we are looking at has the perfect office/crafting room that these would be fantastic for. And Cafe Curtains for the kitchen. Oh and there are lots of cute projects for the kiddos too. Bibs, Baby Blankets with a scalloped edge, the Sweet Wee Jacket and Swing Swing Smock (for my niece). Oh boy that sounds like a lot of stuff that I want to do. Maybe it is time to organize that into a someday, maybe list and sort through it.

Sewing Simple Slipcovers has a lot of great ideas and I will really use the information to recover my sofa and love seat. Now I just need to get some extra cash for the material and I am off to the races there.

I am only about half way through The Everything Toddler Book. Based on what I have read there is a bunch of great info in here. I can't wait to finish it so I can really share what I like about it.

How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way is another that I am only half finished with. The projects and ideas are presented in a really great format that is easy to read when you only have a few minutes to dig in. Again, I will wait to finish it before I review it.

The last two are on the back burner for the moment but I am sure will at least get a start before they are due back at the library. Thank goodness for being able to recheck out the books.

Thursday, May 22

Soon we will have fruits & veggies

Hubbykins planted a few (8) tomato plants along with some carrots, onions, peppers, jalapenos and squash in our new veggie garden. It is a sight to behold. I can't wait to pick a grape tomato and eat it right off the vine. Yummy childhood memory there. I hope the little one will share in these memories as he grows.

I had to share this photo too. Hubby is a mason so when he planted he used his mason's trowel instead of a garden trowel. Both work I am sure, but I just found it to be an endearing quirk of my dearest.

Monday, May 19

a clutch

Today I started a cute clutch for my mom. It is gonna be so cute when it's finished. The outside is a lovely aqua blue with a pink lining. I hope to finish it by Wednesday. Tomorrow I will be going to Colorado Springs for lunch so I doubt I will get any time to work on my projects. We'll see.

Sunday, May 18

This close

Today I almost finished a pair of pants for myself. I got to the point of trying them on and setting the hem then realized that they need a lining. So I need to run to the store for material. It will be a few days before I can run over there though. I will be sure to post a picture as soon as they are done.

Friday, May 16

A Little More Talk And A LOT More Action

The Lilacs, 2008

So for the last couple of weeks Friday has been my blog go to day. I want to do better than that. So next week my goal is to post something (with photo) about a project I worked on that day. Be it house, crafty, or whatever. So that should take me like what an extra 5 minutes during the day. No biggie, right?

I leave today with a picture of the lilacs in my front yard. Lilacs are top 5 on my flowers list. I have so many memories of them from my childhood. My mother-in-law, Susan, has wanted to plant some in her garden for years. So this year for Mother's Day we got her 2 bushes. The two of us should get them planted next week early. Cross your fingers for no more frost.

Friday, May 9

How to make Bias Tape

I found some really great links to make bias tape. This helped me a whole lot cause I am the girl without a clue. The method and instructions I used can be found here. While I decided to use a striped fabric I do not recommend it as a first attempt. (PITA!!!)
Thoughts for the next time:
1. No stripes.
2. You don't need a full yard of fabric cause it makes a TON!
3. Spend the time to really square things up. Doing so will make your life way easier.
4. Consider purchasing some kind of quilting square to make the squaring and cutting a bit easier.
5. Next time buy a bigger cutting mat. 12"x18" is a little small for this project (and many others).
6. Measure as you cut the strips. This is lots easier than measuring a bunch first then being off and having to remeasure anyway.

Edited to add:

This bias tape will be featured on my next apron. I will post a link to my ETSY store when I have it in there.

Friday, May 2

Goodies for me!

Today my darling men and I went to Barnes & Noble to browse for some brainfood for me. I was able to find some lovely reads that make me want to hole up in my bedroom with a cup of coffee and not come out for a couple of days. Being the mama that I am will prevent me from one of my once favorite indulgences. (Has anyone ever called in sick to work to read before? Too bad I can't do that anymore!)
My first read is The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule. I have been following her blog for a short while and have found myself drawn to her lifestyle. Hence the purchase of this new book. I have just started the book but am already inspired to make changes in our family life. I am sure that I will be sharing some of my favorite things from this wonderful find.
Next is The Apron Book by EllynAnne Geisel. Yes, I bought a book just about aprons. Why? Because they make me happy and I can totally see myself collecting them along the journey of my life. So why not have a book about aprons? Most will be my own creations (inspired by others) but who knows, I may just find some at the Flea Market or on Etsy.
My final purchase is Sewing 101 from Creative Publishing International. I am excited by this one because it gives a lot of information about not only basic sewing, but clothing and home decor as well. I can't wait to dig into this book and post-it mark all of the wonderful projects I want to try.
I did find a few (read: a lot) of books that caught my eye while there so I may make a list in the near future of books I'd like to get for my Library.
I will be sure to post a review on each book as I finish it.

Thursday, May 1

Its here! Its here!

My new sewing machine is here. Oh boy is she sexy! When I turn her on I get a friendly little noise that tells me she is ready to go. I have only had time to sew the pockets onto my circle skirt but I love her already. I think she needs a name. Maybe Bella. I like it. Motion passes. The sewing machine is Bella.
The project line up is as follows:
1. Circle skirt
2. Apron(s) with Lady C
3. Linen pants
4. grocery bags
5. handbag (potential christmas gift or something for the Etsy store)
That seems like more than enough to keep me busy for the next month or so. I can't wait to get started at little one's nap time tomorrow.