Monday, September 15

Truth Be Told

I am inspired by Randi @ I Have To Say...

~Today I took the time to put on a dress and pearls. I feel feminine and pretty.
~My new shoes make me smile and I find myself thinking about what I could wear them with. (Part of the reason for wearing the dress today.)
~I love it when my kitchen is clean first thing in the morning. Pure BLISS I tell ya.
~I am anxious for our upcoming vacations to California and Arizona. It will be wonderful to get to the middle of nowhere and just be for a week. It will also be fantastic to visit The Mama and Papa John too. Oh yeah, don't forget the sibs.
~I love to put away my laundry. It is peaceful.
~I listen to many audio books. Lots of romance novels, self help and business books. Sometimes I think too many self help books. But if I don't help myself who will?
~I would love to have a brand spankin' new Jeep like this one. At only $33k I don't think it will be happening any time soon. But if I win the lotto you can bet I will be at the dealership as soon as possible. Isn't she pretty?
~My mom is great. She makes a really good therapist. Thanks again ma.

I am putting these positive thoughts out in the world so that they may come back to me.

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  1. Nice jeep!!! I love your shoes where did you find them? I am so happy we can talk. Love ya Sug. The Mama