Monday, April 28

To be a domestic goddess during illness

The little one has been sick since his birthday party on Saturday. So what to do about housework and the domestic responsibilities during this time? IGNORE THEM! A goddess must prioritize. This may mean that the house looks less than spectacular during this time. Oh well. The really important thing is making sure that the family feels love. When the little guy just wants his mama and nothing else then that is what he gets.
My house is not company ready right now but my boy knows the love of his mama and that is the important part. Hopefully tomorrow we will return to our regular routine, if not we call the Dr.
Good night.

Thursday, April 24

How to fix dishpan hands

My name is Liz and I have dishpan hands. This comes from pre-washing my dishes in really hot water before putting them in the dishwasher. They are now to the point where I have a couple of cracked cuticles and the side of my thumb is cracked along my fingerprint.
After reading a few articles online I have made a plan of action. Experiment with me as I try to prevent this from happening further and repair the damage that has already been inflicted on my poor hands.

Since having baby we have has lots of Aquaphor in the house. I am going to move this next to the sink and my drying cloths. That way I will be reminded to re-moisturize everytime I dry my hands. If the aquaphor doesnt do the job I will try lanolin.
I am also going to start wearing cotton gloves to bed after moisturizing my hands. This is a recommendation for several other articles but this one here is really good.

Please comment with any tips or tricks for getting my hands back to soft.

Wednesday, April 23

a sewing machine and a shop

My dearest darling hubby agreed to let me buy a sewing machine today because I found a really good deal. Wal-Mart has this brother machine for $180. I was going to ask for one for my birthday but to have it now will be so nice. This excites me so much because I am currently borrowing MILs machine.

Lover boy also mentioned that I should consider making BBQ aprons for men when I make them to sell. He also told me that I can buy some material and make up a few samples to sell on Etsy. How cool is that? Now I just need to setup shop, make a couple of samples and post them for sale.

Monday, April 21

Dont Waste Space!

Our home is very small. Like tiny apartment sized small. 850 sf for 3 people and one very large dog (furry people) is extremely small. Thank goodness we are just renting. But that isn't the point is it. The point is that space is at a premium with a little one who has a birthday coming up and so many wonderful people that want to give him lots of toys. So what does it mean for this mommy? It means that time to rearrange and organize is upon the house. Cool, that gives me a reason to really move stuff around to where I have been dreaming (yes, literally dreaming while I sleep at night) about having it.
Saturday I did the little guy's room. There is not a lot of furniture in there but it is all big and a couple of the things are heavy. Safety first folks! Put the little one in the pack n play so he is out of harms way. Then go mama power! I moved it all and was so inspired. I told myself "Self, that was so easy. I bet I could do the living room this week too." Self replied "You go girl."
So that leads to today with all the wonder that is my freestyled (HGTV reference) living room. What once was dull from being in the same place from day one feels new and refreshed. I just love the new look. Want a peek? Ok, but you have to promise not to laugh at my hand-me-down entertainment center or the horribly stained (from dog lounging) sofas and NO peeking into the kitchen. K, here it is. My NEW space.

Before the toys and desk were reversed and the speakers were on either side of the (broke down) entertainment center. There may not physically be more space but it feels that way.
And now I feel inspired to do something like make a slipcover for my sofas (such a someday, maybe project) or put up more photos or something that celebrates my new space. The speakers need a pretty cover and so does the printer (to keep away curious sticky hands). Maybe I will find something fabulous over at Fabric Bliss. Watch out folks lady on a mission.

Sunday, April 20

Aprons, Aprons everywhere

Last night I finished my third apron. I am keeping this one! I just love it. The pattern is Kwik Sew 3396 view B. The material is Amy Butler's Lotus line in Damask Rose, Lime/Star Paisley. (Love Amy Butler fabric!!!)
This pattern was more challenging than View A. However, I really like this apron a lot more. It will probably be one of the patterns I use for the ladies christmas gift this year.
Up next, I think I am going to try the Emmeline pattern from Montessori By Hand. I really like the FreshCut fabric by Heather Bailey. I think I will try it on the Emmeline apron.
I am off to browse Fabritopia for some yummy fabric love.

Saturday, April 19


Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. I am really excited to share a few things with you as I navigate my way into a Modern 50's Housewife and become the matriarch of my family.

A bit about me. I am a stay at home mama to a handsome (almost) 1 year old boy. I am an (at home) office manager for my hubby's company. I am just getting into sewing so there will be many posts on that. I am also working on making my thumb turn green after many years of it being brown. I do lots of housework and when I find a tip worth sharing I will. I am an amateur photographer which I hope to turn into a profession someday, maybe.