Saturday, September 6

Princess V is really 4!

When a Princess wants a swing for her birthday and her dad walks on the wild side this is what you get...

A Giant Tree swing that attaches to 2 trees, the house and the upper level of the deck.

This is a single...
And here is a triple...
Get her up high dad!
The other kids look on with anticipation for their own turn.
One last time for the birthday girl.

Ok, it's time to open presents and sing Happy Birthday!
Mister A liked the balloons best. Or was it the Barbie paraphernalia?
Grandpa Bob makes sure that J doesn't miss out. We are equal opportunity birthday in this fam.
And they must match. Pink for her, silver for him.
I just love the looks that I get from Princess each year when she opens our gift. Priceless!

Who wants to decorate their own cupcakes?
Great decorations J. (You look so much like your mama in this picture.)
Don't forget our featured little lady...
I may never have a daughter but that is OK because I have a niece who loves to dress up. What a beautiful model!
Remember this apron? Here it is on the intended model. I was so happy when she wore it for most of her party. Strike a pose V.
A was amazed by all the little plastic parts that come with a Barbie bath. He even showed V how to use the hairbrush.

What a beautiful day with a beautiful family and friends. Thanks sister for including us in your day. Thanks V for all the photo ops.

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