Wednesday, September 10

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it

Friday night I am going to be free for several hours. For REAL! Granny and Uncle T decided over a month ago that they would like to take Little Man to his first Dodgers/Rockies game. Hubs was up for it but I was feeling... shall we say less into it. Large crowds, Downtown, just really not my thing. Throw in a sport and I'd just about rather be anywhere else.
So while Uncle T was having a hissy last month because of the CPK/Cherry Creek issue he tore up his ticket. Dude, you were kinda the point behind going but whatever. Today Granny reminded me of the occasion and told me about Uncle T's oops. I could not help but to have a smile grow on my face as she told me these words. Two reasons... First, I get to do a good thing and let Uncle T go while getting out of something I didn't want to do in the first place. Second, I get HOURS (seriously at least 3-5 hours) of me time while they take our Lil Slugger to his first ball game. Ahh, BLISS! Could one ask for more? I don't think so.
What to do? Finish the rag quilt for GG? Get a pedi? Go to bed profoundly early? Watch whatever I want on TV all night long? (oh, that sounds good. I wonder if What Not To Wear has any new episodes On Demand?) Paint my nails? Read a book or ten? WOW, too much temptation. I really must consider this before I get to the end of tomorrow.
Oh, and another PLUS provided by Granny... I get a couple of hours to myself tomorrow too. After A's nap and her shopping I get to drop him off while I do shopping and maybe make a little headway on my quilt. Can you say "SWEET!" cause it sure tastes alright by me.

Ok, so any other excitement? Yeppers. It looks like next month while Hubs is out braving the wilderness and hoping to fill our freezer I will be in the warmth that is Phoenix. This means that I am going to have to go here and pick up some serious fabric. Ok, So Blissful Living is out since their address is MESA. (Can you call 'em Ma or what?) Maybe I can talk Jen or Jona into letting me lurk in their home based stores and see if I can help myself from drooling all over their beautieous fabric. Cross your fingers cause I might just find the opportunity to get the material to do our bedroom. I promise that if we get to go either place that I will post color combos for it. The anticipation is almost too much.

Any ideas?
Here is the main fabrics... I really like the idea of a mostly B&W room with a few accents of pink. The pink is what I need to decide on case the B&W prints have been in my head for a really long time.

I can't decide if I want the black or the white background. Maybe I will do one side of each. The bedskirt is gonna be the stripe. Now to decide on the pink. Here are a couple of options...
I'm kinda leaning toward the white background with the first pink one. That way it's not just one pink and there is another color.
Decisions, decisions. And since I am practically snooring into my space bar I am gonna call it a night and end this tangent. Don't you love tangents?

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