Monday, September 15

One gift down, only like a million to go...

Once upon a time... this last February... my mom showed me how to make a rag quilt. So when the occasion arose for a little girl's first birthday I knew just what to make. It was quite simple. I think the longest part of the whole process was picking out the material. I hope GG likes it.

Next up on the list is a Pleated Beauty Bag and a Wool Cap. Both are in process at the moment. Most likely the cap will be done first, even though I just started it last night. The bag is shaping up beautifully though. Want a peek? The stitching is a little wonky but I think it has character. Plus with this being my first attempt at satin stitch applique I think I did a remarkable job. Lessons learned? 1) make sure to use the correct foot when sewing. 2) hand work might be better next time. 3) sometimes simple is better. (I started on the outside decorative stitch and looking back think I should have just left it like it was since the loop stitch does not add to it.)

Once I finish the bag and cap I am going to have to go to the fabric store again. I am thinking I will do the Napkin & Coaster sets for 3 couples.
*D&A need something that will go in their formal dining room... which is a beautiful red. Maybe something in black & ivory?
*C&C have a simple dining room and they love the outdoors so I am thinking green & brown combos.
*C&M just got a dining table and need to have something to adorn it. She loves the big sunflowers outside her window, so maybe something in yellow. Then again this could make lovely napkins and coasters.

Oh its a good thing I am not there yet because I get lost in the fabric store.

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