Sunday, September 7

It's gonna be a handmade holiday

My lists are getting in the holiday spirit even if I am no where near ready for it. I thought that I would keep tabs on my projects for gifts here. My goal is 100% handmade gifts this year. Part of my reason is because I want to take back christmas from the big box stores and really feel the spirit of the season. The other part of my reason is to have our year end expenses under control. By making things for everyone through out the year I am spreading out the cost. If all goes well I will be continuing with this tradition next year.

DH - wool beanie, if I still have time I may make a lap quilt, anything else will probably be bought.
Little Man - rag quilt, (crayon roll, colored pencil roll, marker roll) if time permits I will do these (we are also going to get him a big boy bed so the quilt will need to be more substantial than I was going to make.)

Dad - calendar, jam & banana bread. (Last year we did a photo mug and deck of card from Snapfish and he loved them so maybe this year the calendar will envoke the same feeling.)

Sister - handbag (3 compartment, small, black, zipper and snap)
BIL - jam & banana bread, calendar
Princess V - rag quilt
Jay Bug - rag quilt

Uncle Doug & Aunt Phyllis - Calendar, banana bread, Embroidered napkins (4)

Dean & Ashley -banana bread, jam, calendar
Crystal - handbag

Uncle Dane - jam & banana bread, calendar

Papa John - calendar, jam & banana bread
The Mama - apron
Katie & Josh -calendar, jam & banana bread
Scarlett - tutu

Tracy - jam & banana bread, calendar
Susan - apron & hipslinger if time allows
Damon (ship to HI) - jam & banana bread, calendar
Linda - hipslinger if I have time

Matt - wool beanie & scarf, jam, banana bread
Colleen - handbag
GG - Doll

Cory & Stacy - calendar, jam & banana bread
Logan - rag quilt
Big Tracy - calendar, jam, banana bread

Gene & Shirley - Calendar
Bill & Sue - Calendar

Extras: classy notebook, quite book, reversible journal cover, fabric diaper case, car trash bag, tote 2, tote 3, swatch portraits, eye pillow, wellness gifts, sachets, lavender crafts, scrabble tile pendant, baby projects, diaper/messenger bag, portfolio, decoupage silouettes

***disclaimer: this post may be revised often as I make decisions about different projects. I PROMISE to share the things that I complete unless they are for The Mama or any other visitors that may find out what their gift is before the season is upon us.***
***revised Sept 29*** completed project
***revised Oct 7*** changed up projects
***revised Oct 18*** completed project, reduced projects
***revised Nov 4*** completed project


  1. Wow what a list! did you leave anyone out? Me thinks you did. Bro and sis. But she has your link so be careful what you put down. I love the ideas for Papa. You are gonna be soooooooo busy. Well, I say here's to a home-made christmas! I will be doing the same. If ya get something it'll be homemade. The only exceptions will be the boys, cuz Grammie already got them taken care of. Love ya busy woman!!!

  2. I found a HUGE list of ideas for kids at Reclaiming the Home. I got so excited I decided to make all of my kids gifts this Christmas!

  3. Georgia thanks for stopping by and commenting. My list making self really loved that list. I think I will have to incorporate a thing or two for the kidlets in my world.