Friday, May 9

How to make Bias Tape

I found some really great links to make bias tape. This helped me a whole lot cause I am the girl without a clue. The method and instructions I used can be found here. While I decided to use a striped fabric I do not recommend it as a first attempt. (PITA!!!)
Thoughts for the next time:
1. No stripes.
2. You don't need a full yard of fabric cause it makes a TON!
3. Spend the time to really square things up. Doing so will make your life way easier.
4. Consider purchasing some kind of quilting square to make the squaring and cutting a bit easier.
5. Next time buy a bigger cutting mat. 12"x18" is a little small for this project (and many others).
6. Measure as you cut the strips. This is lots easier than measuring a bunch first then being off and having to remeasure anyway.

Edited to add:

This bias tape will be featured on my next apron. I will post a link to my ETSY store when I have it in there.

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