Sunday, April 26

A list anyone?

So I feel like I need to organize my projects outside of my head. I have so many and everyday I feel myself adding to the list. Care to peek at my list?

For the Etsy store
Green Paisley Amy bag
Purple & Green un-named bag
Mini Bag
Yellow & Green wallet

For Family
Crystal's Black, White & Hot Pink Quilt in the Mod Sampler Quilt Along by Oh Fransson!
Cabin & Pine tote bag for Aunt Phyllis
Fish Softies for Bubba & TaTa

For Me
B&W Jumper
Made by Rae's Spring Ruffle Top for Spring Top Week
Curiositys Linen Skirt for Build Your Wardrobe
B&W Quilt Top

Wow. Seeing it all written down is a little overwhelming. Best way to fight that feeling is to set out next steps for each thing so here goes.
1. Made by Rae's Spring Ruffle Top for Spring Top Week ~ Press & cut mateials ~ Due Tuesday, April 28 for group
2. Green Paisley Amy bag ~ take apart muslin and cut out of template material ~ Due Wednesday, April 29
3. B&W Quilt Top ~ iron completed squares ~ Due 4/30
4. Purple & Green un-named bag ~ finalize design on paper ~ Due 5/1
5. Mini Bag ~ finalize design on paper ~ Due 5/2
6. Yellow & Green wallet ~ sew, turn & press ~ Due 5/2
7. Cabin & Pine tote bag for Aunt Phyllis ~ cut material ~ Due 5/4
8. Crystal's Black, White & Hot Pink Quilt in the Mod Sampler Quilt Along by Oh Fransson! ~ starch & cut material ~ Step due 5/6, Finished Quilt Due 5/21
9. B&W Jumper ~ re-cut bodice & lining ~ Due 5/8
10. Curiositys Linen Skirt for Build Your Wardrobe ~ cut material ~ Due 5/12
11. Fish Softies for Bubba & TaTa ~ affix interfacing to silky fabrics ~ Due 5/14

2nd Birthday Extravaganza

Yesterday was amazing. We had a great 2nd Birthday for Bubba. He really enjoyed himself at the aquarium. The cousins, lots of adult family and a few friends came with us.

Many things to see at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver.

The beautiful salmon.

A coral tank with seahorses. I would love to have a coral tank like this at home. These seahorses were very small.

Then this guy was enormous!

There were beautiful colors everywhere. I love the brightness of the sea stars.

The bubbles allowed the kiddos to really get into the experience.

The cousins too.

Of course we had to FIND NEMO. He was there and so was Dory and many of the other friends.

Quite possibly my favorite photo from the day was taken by Hubs. Every time I see a lionfish I think of Deuce Bigelow. I know, I'm strange.

Finally is my cake that I fretted over all week. (No joke!) I love the way it turned out even though I had something else in my head. (That looked like the shelf coral not poo in real life.)

Not bad for a beginner.

Friday, April 17

I need a bigger plate

My plate is full. Really full. So what am I doing with all of my online time? Why I am looking for skirts to deconstruct and make my own. Yea, I'm crazy. Why am I doing this you ask. Because I want to join Curiositys Build Your Wardrobe project. See the pretty button?
Want to know what I have been looking at for the last several hours trying to determine if I can in fact make it myself. This, this and this. Cool huh?

What I plan to do in the aftermath of birthday #2


Go over to SimpleMom to get your button if you are going to do this too.

Sunday, April 12

A month as whirlwind

Nearly a month since my last posting requires some kind of explanation doesn't it?

Most recently was a surprise trip to Arizona to meet up with the Seesters. The youngest, Katie, turned 21 and her daughter is now 1. There was also a new sister to add to the mix. Stacie Ann was put up for adoption as a baby. She is now 25 and a part of our world. It was beyond words to meet her face to face. The whole weekend was amazing and more than I ever expected it to be.

The craziest thing I've ever done was that weekend too. Do you like my tattoo?

I made a couple of handbags using the Made by Rae Buttercup Bag pattern. I am using the magenta & teal bag. The red & black one was a gift for Katie.

Bubba got a his first haircut. He was a champ and didn't make a peep. After all was done he got a goldfish as a reward. The fish didn't last for more than a week. She let us know she was a girl because 3 days after we got her she laid eggs. That was interesting.

Are you bored yet? I commend you if you continued to read this post. I have much more to catch up on but my bed is calling my name. Have a great night.