Thursday, December 10

It was a good run

So you may have noticed the lack of posting lately. Much of it is due to the fact that I am no longer a housewife. I am considering another blog at this point but am not sure about the direction I want to take it.
Thank you all for reading my little slice of cyberspace. I hope you were entertained.

Sunday, September 13

Crazy Week

My week has been bad. Here are some pictures of Bubba to make up for it.

Sunday, September 6

Littles must get bigger

You are getting so big too quickly. For the first time in my life I want to push the pause button and savor this time for just a bit longer. Your smiles, hugs and kisses are like rays of beautiful sunlight in my life. Your tears break my heart (almost) every time. I know that you must grow and become a big kid someday. I just hope that you don't do it in a blink of an eye.
Tomorrow I will delight in each moment we get to spend together. I will not miss an opportunity to allow your growth and understanding.
I love you so much,

Sunday, August 30

Why do I forget my camera on important days?

Our household has been sick most of the week. This means that on top of feeling nasty from the bug we have all had I have not had the energy to do much of anything.
Today was a different story. I had to kick it in high gear to make a little princess a skirt for her 5th birthday. From 8:30 to noon I worked on a 4 tier skirt from blueprints.
Bubba and I went to the special event as soon as the skirt was completed. V, my sister S and I enjoyed an at home spa day while the boys played and did boy things. When they caught sight of the three of us with green masked faced they laughed like crazy. After the spa we decorated cupcakes like last year. Bubba got way into decorating his. He helped me hold the icing bags and he placed all the sprinkles just where he wanted them. My heart smiled when I saw him being so independent.

Tuesday, August 25

Checking in with the 2009 goals.

My 2009 Goals
1. Lose 30 more lbs - fail
2. Hand make as many birthday presents as possible - mostly fail
3. Photograph more (daily) - fail
4. Walk with Bubba 3x per week - fail
5. Sew one thing (at least) for myself each month - fail
6. Make cookies with Bubba 1x per month - fail
7. Get a part time job that I like - I have a part time job. I liked it when I started but now I really miss the at home life.
8. Make a realistic budget - fail
9. Blog more consistantly about what we are doing - fail.
10. Organize my desk and business stuff and maintain it - organize accomplished, maintaining - fail.
11. Stay on top of business filing once a week - fail
12. Toilet train Bubba - fail
13. Decorate our bedroom - fail
14. Try 1 new recipe weekly - fail
15. Trip to library bi-weekly - fail
16. Field trip to museums, zoo or park monthly - for me fail, Papa (grandpa has taken Bubba almost weekly)

Overall I am seeing a lot of fails. Well I think goals are a process that evolves. Since I am now employed I feel that I get to revise the goals based on new circumstances. (I should have done this a couple of months ago.)

My 2009 Goals

1. Lose 20 lbs by end of year (196)
next action: meal plan for the week limiting protein to chicken and fish
2. Photograph weekly (instead of daily)
next action: take the camera with us to the park this afternoon
3. Walk with Bubba once a week (instead of 3x)
next action: go for a walk tonight
4. Sew one thing each month (not just for myself.)
next action: continue working on Crystal's cathedral window quilt.
5. Make a realistic budget
next action: write down all expenses for the month with due dates
6. Blog once a week (Sundays are good.)
next action: look at images taken this week and compose a post on Sunday
7. Get filing taken care of. There after file paperwork as it comes in.
next action: one collection bucket at a time get the papers in the files.
8. Toileting with Bubba
next action: this coming weekend we are going to be home bound and this is the priority
9. Finish king size quilt for our bedroom
next action: layout squares and sew them together.
10. Spend more quality time with my Hubs & Bubs.
next action: today we will play a game after dinner

Tuesday, August 11

Our weekend in images

Hello deer. Thanks for posing.

My darling men. The boy is so much like his daddy already.

Waterfall at the lake.

C'mon daddy lets go look.
With his favorite gal.

I can't tell who's leading who.

After I edit this I think I may print and frame it.

I had a thing for water this weekend. This was too beautiful to pass though.

Saturday, August 1

Pretty Windows... A quilt

A while back I decided to take on a lap quilt as a project for my cousin Crystal's housewarming gift. When I started I had an idea about what I wanted it to look like but wasn't in love with the pattern. I looked high and low on the internet and finally found the Cathedral Window Quilt tutorial from Hyena In Petticoats. I knew when I looked through the flickr group that this was the pattern I was looking for. It has tradition but can also look very modern.
This window pane is my favorite pink one.

This is my favorite B&W one.

I started with this size just in case this project was a dud for me. It isn't I love the way this quilt looks. I am even thinking of making a few small ones like this as wall hangings to give for christmas. We'll see what The List looks like when I get this quilt done.

Friday, July 3

Photos... short on time version

Dada's mini-me.

You know mom I really should get to do what I want....

First weekend on 4 wheelers. Day 1 learned to drive himself with Cousin Dean.

Crystal is a favorite person. Even with that funny hat on her head.

Day 2. Five hour ride is exhausting. He fell asleep while I was trying to catch up to the group. He loved the ride.
still sleeping for about another 20 minutes. His first word upon waking was "WATCH!"

Caught some sun in the mountains.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Saturday, June 6

Dear Blog,

I am sorry I have neglected you of late. I promise I have been thinking of you. I have even been composing posts in my head while driving in traffic. Too bad they are locked in the vault that is my memory and I seem to have misplaced the key. I have notes too but they are not helping in finding the key. OOPS.
I have been doing a lot lately. There has been much work going on. That has been a fun challenge. I have been driving all over town and back again. (Ah, the joys of free babysitting.) I have also been going crazy over the house being a total mess. Yeah, I know it has always been a mess but now I think I need to call in FEMA to get some help. Ok, so maybe FEMA is extreme but a maid could do it right?
So today while Bubba is over at Granny's house I will be tackling the most pressing of my tasks instead of composing a fabulous post with pictures and all. Sorry but the laundry is threatening to take over my bedroom and the sewing that I have not accomplished is starting to yell at me. You know the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
So I am off to Pay the bills, make the beds, setup the new sewing table, make a diaper bag, LAUNDRY, file paperwork in the cabinet, and about 10 other sewing projects. Wish me luck.
Much love.

Friday, May 22

A long time gone

Wow. I know is been a while since my last post but I didn't realize that it has been nearly a month. Do you want to know what has been keeping me away from my blog? I know you do. Right?


I am now back in the sign business. I love the job. My boss is really wonderful and so are all of my co-workers. I miss my baby like crazy but he is getting to spend some great time with Granny, Grandpa & other family too. Here is the website. Go check it out.

There has been some sewing go on here too. I made a summer blouse last Sunday. It was the Made By Rae Spring Ruffle Top. I don't have a picture yet but if the weather holds I plan to wear it tomorrow to my sister's BBQ.

I hope to post pictures to share everything else too.

Sunday, April 26

A list anyone?

So I feel like I need to organize my projects outside of my head. I have so many and everyday I feel myself adding to the list. Care to peek at my list?

For the Etsy store
Green Paisley Amy bag
Purple & Green un-named bag
Mini Bag
Yellow & Green wallet

For Family
Crystal's Black, White & Hot Pink Quilt in the Mod Sampler Quilt Along by Oh Fransson!
Cabin & Pine tote bag for Aunt Phyllis
Fish Softies for Bubba & TaTa

For Me
B&W Jumper
Made by Rae's Spring Ruffle Top for Spring Top Week
Curiositys Linen Skirt for Build Your Wardrobe
B&W Quilt Top

Wow. Seeing it all written down is a little overwhelming. Best way to fight that feeling is to set out next steps for each thing so here goes.
1. Made by Rae's Spring Ruffle Top for Spring Top Week ~ Press & cut mateials ~ Due Tuesday, April 28 for group
2. Green Paisley Amy bag ~ take apart muslin and cut out of template material ~ Due Wednesday, April 29
3. B&W Quilt Top ~ iron completed squares ~ Due 4/30
4. Purple & Green un-named bag ~ finalize design on paper ~ Due 5/1
5. Mini Bag ~ finalize design on paper ~ Due 5/2
6. Yellow & Green wallet ~ sew, turn & press ~ Due 5/2
7. Cabin & Pine tote bag for Aunt Phyllis ~ cut material ~ Due 5/4
8. Crystal's Black, White & Hot Pink Quilt in the Mod Sampler Quilt Along by Oh Fransson! ~ starch & cut material ~ Step due 5/6, Finished Quilt Due 5/21
9. B&W Jumper ~ re-cut bodice & lining ~ Due 5/8
10. Curiositys Linen Skirt for Build Your Wardrobe ~ cut material ~ Due 5/12
11. Fish Softies for Bubba & TaTa ~ affix interfacing to silky fabrics ~ Due 5/14

2nd Birthday Extravaganza

Yesterday was amazing. We had a great 2nd Birthday for Bubba. He really enjoyed himself at the aquarium. The cousins, lots of adult family and a few friends came with us.

Many things to see at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver.

The beautiful salmon.

A coral tank with seahorses. I would love to have a coral tank like this at home. These seahorses were very small.

Then this guy was enormous!

There were beautiful colors everywhere. I love the brightness of the sea stars.

The bubbles allowed the kiddos to really get into the experience.

The cousins too.

Of course we had to FIND NEMO. He was there and so was Dory and many of the other friends.

Quite possibly my favorite photo from the day was taken by Hubs. Every time I see a lionfish I think of Deuce Bigelow. I know, I'm strange.

Finally is my cake that I fretted over all week. (No joke!) I love the way it turned out even though I had something else in my head. (That looked like the shelf coral not poo in real life.)

Not bad for a beginner.

Friday, April 17

I need a bigger plate

My plate is full. Really full. So what am I doing with all of my online time? Why I am looking for skirts to deconstruct and make my own. Yea, I'm crazy. Why am I doing this you ask. Because I want to join Curiositys Build Your Wardrobe project. See the pretty button?
Want to know what I have been looking at for the last several hours trying to determine if I can in fact make it myself. This, this and this. Cool huh?

What I plan to do in the aftermath of birthday #2


Go over to SimpleMom to get your button if you are going to do this too.

Sunday, April 12

A month as whirlwind

Nearly a month since my last posting requires some kind of explanation doesn't it?

Most recently was a surprise trip to Arizona to meet up with the Seesters. The youngest, Katie, turned 21 and her daughter is now 1. There was also a new sister to add to the mix. Stacie Ann was put up for adoption as a baby. She is now 25 and a part of our world. It was beyond words to meet her face to face. The whole weekend was amazing and more than I ever expected it to be.

The craziest thing I've ever done was that weekend too. Do you like my tattoo?

I made a couple of handbags using the Made by Rae Buttercup Bag pattern. I am using the magenta & teal bag. The red & black one was a gift for Katie.

Bubba got a his first haircut. He was a champ and didn't make a peep. After all was done he got a goldfish as a reward. The fish didn't last for more than a week. She let us know she was a girl because 3 days after we got her she laid eggs. That was interesting.

Are you bored yet? I commend you if you continued to read this post. I have much more to catch up on but my bed is calling my name. Have a great night.

Sunday, March 15

And so little time

Lately it feels like the old saying "so many things to do and so little time to do them". The busyness forecast is not predicting a slow down in activities for the next month or so. For now I leave you with some eye candy from the quilt top I am making for our king bed.


I can't wait to share all of the blocks laid out in the pattern before I sew the sashing.

Wednesday, March 11

Think Positive

Yesterday in my women's group we read and discussed affirmation cards much like these. Here are the front of the cards we read and my thoughts about them. I think I may pick up a set at B&N later today.

* There is no blame.
It is really hard to go out into the world without blaming myself or others for many situations. I am striving to work on this as I go about my week.

* Everything I touch is a success.
I LOVE this card. It is so positive. This is also a bit like trying to find the silver lining in a cloud. Even a "failure" can produce a success in the learning process.

* All my relationships are harmonious.
Wow. I can say that most of my relationships are in harmony. It always seems that something may be off with one person or another but they each come back to harmony with the right time and the right words.

* My home is a peaceful haven.
I strive for this all day long. It seems that lately I only feel this when all is quite either during nap times or after everyone has gone to sleep. This week my challenge is going to be to find the peace in every moment throughout the day.

* There is plenty for everyone including me.
In the current economy it is hard to believe that this may be true for everyone. But that reminds me that I have much more than I really NEED. If all I had was food, shelter, clothing and LOVE I would have all I need. Everything else is icing.

* I am totally adequate for all situations.
There is challenge in those words. While I do believe that I tend to mostly choose situations where I am adequate I also try to push myself outside of my comfort zone and see if I am adequate elsewhere. Sometimes I find myself lacking knowledge or skills for a particular task. That does not mean that I am inadequate for the situation.

* I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do.
This is not true every moment of everyday. I think that living with intention and purpose makes this possible more often. Why am I doing something that is not fulfilling? If it is something I must do (dishes, laundry or scrubbing the tub) why not be fulfilled by the action and result. If it is something I want to do it should fulfill me.

* I am at peace with my age.
Until recently this was untrue for me. I was always in Fast Forward Mode. I wanted to get to the end to see how it all turned out. Now I beg the day to slow down so I may be in the moment. I now see life for the journey rather than the milestones and the destination. I am over the quarter century mark that was so hard for me. I am looking down the barrel of "old" with the passing of 2 more birthdays. I am okay with that. Bring it on Universe.

* I express my creativity.
I try to physically express my creativity as often as possible. I am constantly thinking of what I would love to be doing (given that the required tasks were taken care of) with the fabric, yarn, paint, paper, etc. I also think that creativity can be expressed in words, thoughts and emotions. This is something I am taking on as well this week.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel any of these affirmations speak to you? I would love to know what you think about them.

Everyday Treasures

I read SouleMama's Everyday Treasures post this morning and am inspired to write about my own treasures.

*My beautiful child. You make Mama smile, laugh, cry and crazy. Your laughter is my homing beacon.

*My strong husband. Your willingness to go out into the world to provide for us, your family, is something I will always cherish. You are a puzzle and I hope to spend the rest of my days figuring you out.

Do you have an everyday treasure to share with me?

Tuesday, March 3

Group Think

I attend a Womens Group on Tuesday mornings. It has been nice to get another perspective from the group members. Today the group really flowed nicely. The leader started off with a selection from Illuminata that discussed the idea that anger stems from fear. My issue I brought to group related to anger. The ladies there gave me some great advice to focus on myself and refuse to allow someone else's anger to ruin my day. We also discussed issues that the other members were dealing with this week including money, loss of a relationship, a young mommy to be dealing with a baby-daddy and co-dependence. The exchange of information and ideas was inspiring.

It seems that my life has themes. One recent theme has been money. I am reading a lot of great blogs on personal finance, frugality and budgeting. On the recommendation of some of these blogs I purchased The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey on audiobook. Much to my joy this book has really changed the way I am dealing with money. I won't speak with any authority on the subject because I am broke and only working on baby step 2 but I will recommend this book to anyone who will listen. It was a suggestion I made to the group member dealing with money issues today. It is something I will be living along the way and re-reading as necessary. I have hope. Huge hope.

Friday, February 27


I need to start brainstorming ways for Hubs and I to celebrate 5 years married in May. I will have a limited budget so something like a vacation would be more of a pipe dream than reality.
I also need to brainstorm about Bubba's 2nd birthday. I think we will be spending that weekend at my family's property in the mountains. We will also want to have a get together with his friends during the week. I am thinking either Children's Museum or the Zoo or something along those lines.

I'll let you know what I come up with.

Thursday, February 26

It's been a while

I haven't been for a couple of reasons. First, I have been reading many other blogs and that uses up almost all of my computer time. Second, we have been busy. This week included a trip to the Denver Zoo, Mommies Night last Saturday and various other stuff keeping me away from the computer. Finally, I don't have much to say. Maybe some photo posts are a better way of sharing my days without boring anyone with the mundane. I'll see about getting one or two done tomorrow.

Monday, February 16

Valentine's Weekend in review

Hubs had a birthday last Friday. His last before the big 3-0. He took it in stride but didn't want to do anything. So I postponed the celebration until Sunday. That and Bubba was sick so we couldn't have anyone over until he was better.

Valentines Day was a mellow day with a sick little but when he was tucked into bed Hubs and I did have a good time getting DRUNK. (The first time in years for me.) It was kinda nice to do low key since years past has made V-day one that I want to celebrate but just end up being disappointed. This year with no expectation things turned out well. Hubs even made dinner while I was required to sit on the sofa. Cool.

The birthday party on Sunday was nice. Again low key since we only invited his mom, brother, and the McCormicks. I made a beautiful carrot cake. It was my first frosted cake all by myself. The best part was it tasted better than it looked.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentines Day.

By the way... Mom, thanks for the treats for the kids. I will be sure to get J & V theirs as soon as I see them.

Sunday, February 8

Crimson is complete!

Do a happy dance with me. I finished my second garment for the year. Crimson is so pretty. It was looking like things weren't going to work out because of design/bra issues but a new bra helped the situation. So here it is. My pride & joy for February.

Up next is the top to match my PJ bottoms, Simplicity 2811. Who know maybe I'll even finish it before the end of the month. I don't suppose that lets me off the hook for March though.

Monday, February 2

Almost done

Crimson is almost done. I need to finish the hem and add some buttons. Procrastination is what kept me away from finishing today. Why? you may ask. It doesn't fit very well. The top panel will cover my chest but not my bra. Solution may be to buy a different bra or sew some lace or ruffle into the neckline. (Less coverage.) Also because I have apparently fallen off the weightloss wagon I look somewhat pregnant in the blouse. AND because my arms are large I couldn't use the button closure on the sleeves. That is a minor setback and I may have a creative solution for it.

Sunday, February 1

State of the Goals, February Edition

Being Frugal has inspired me to do a goals address.

My 2009 Goals
1. Lose 30 more lbs - no progress here, regress actually. This month I will make sure to drink 8 glasses of water daily and cut out sweets.
2. Hand make as many birthday presents as possible - There were 2 birthdays last month and I did not make anything for either one. I do plan to make up my sister's birthday with a skirt. My uncle will be the happy recipient of a Bubba canvas.
3. Photograph more (daily) - I have been taking lots of images but this has not yet become a daily habit. I will work on making this a conscious thought daily.
4. Walk with Bubba 3x per week - We have walked a couple of times but not three times in one week. This week it is on the plan for Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.
5. Sew one thing (at least) for myself each month - I did it! Read about my success here.
6. Make cookies with Bubba 1x per week - I think for the sake of #1 this will be revised to once per month. I did make pressed cookies this month so that totally counts.
7. Get a part time job that I like - Cleaning apartments is NOT what I want to do BUT it will help me contirbute to our financial situation.
8. Make a realistic budget - I am in the data gathering stage this month (FEB) and listening to Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover on audiobook.
9. Blog more consistantly about what we are doing - since I only blogged 8 times last month I am gonna call this a bust for Jan. I am making a list of what I'd like to write in my notebook so I can get my thoughts down on paper before I get on the computer.
10. Organize my desk and business stuff and maintain it - Ha, Ha, Yea right.
11. Stay on top of business filing once a week - See #10.
12. Toilet train Bubba - no further progress
13. Decorate our bedroom - $$$ is an issue to be able to do this one.
14. Try 1 new recipe weekly - Puff Pancake
15. Trip to library bi-weekly - eek I really need to do this before my fines are too much to han.
16. Field trip to museums or zoo monthly - nope, I think we are adding the Park to this list.

Golden Brown & Delicious

Sausage-Broccoli Puff Pancake
adapted from recipe submitted by Kathy Steppler to


  • 1/4 cup butter or margarine
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 2/3 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups sliced fresh mushrooms
  • 1 small onion, sliced into rings
  • 2 tablespoons butter or margarine
  • 1 pound bulk pork sausage
  • 1 (10 ounce) package frozen chopped broccoli
  • 1/3 cup uncooked instant rice
  • 1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese


Place butter in a glass 9-in. pie plate; place in a 400 degrees F oven for 2-3 minutes or until butter is melted. Remove from the oven. In a bowl, whisk milk, flour, eggs and salt until smooth; pour into hot pie plate. Bake at 400 degrees F for 25 minutes or until puffed and golden. Meanwhile, in a skillet, saute mushrooms and onion in butter until tender; remove and set aside. In the same skillet, cook sausage over medium heat until no longer pink; drain. Stir in broccoli and rice are tender. Stir in mushroom mixture and cheese. Cover and keep warm When pancake is removed from oven, immediately spoon filling into center and serve.

Saturday, January 31

I did it!

I told you about Crimson the other day but that was before I got a short term part time job. I just happened to work all day Friday and part of today too. With my self imposed deadline only hours away and a baby boy who went to bed early I decided to go ahead with the backup plan.

This is the pattern I used. I only did the pants tonight but have plans to make the top as well. The top will be made out of the cute flannel cherry print I used for the ties on the pants.

Ta Da. I am washing them now and hope to lounge most of tomorrow in them. I was in under the wire at 5 minutes to midnight. It feels so good to have honored the commitment to myself.

Next month will resume with Crimson. The start is looking good and I think I fixed the issue I was having with the bobbin thread. If I have time (Ha, ha) I may throw in the bonus project of the pj top in the above pattern.