Sunday, August 30

Why do I forget my camera on important days?

Our household has been sick most of the week. This means that on top of feeling nasty from the bug we have all had I have not had the energy to do much of anything.
Today was a different story. I had to kick it in high gear to make a little princess a skirt for her 5th birthday. From 8:30 to noon I worked on a 4 tier skirt from blueprints.
Bubba and I went to the special event as soon as the skirt was completed. V, my sister S and I enjoyed an at home spa day while the boys played and did boy things. When they caught sight of the three of us with green masked faced they laughed like crazy. After the spa we decorated cupcakes like last year. Bubba got way into decorating his. He helped me hold the icing bags and he placed all the sprinkles just where he wanted them. My heart smiled when I saw him being so independent.

Tuesday, August 25

Checking in with the 2009 goals.

My 2009 Goals
1. Lose 30 more lbs - fail
2. Hand make as many birthday presents as possible - mostly fail
3. Photograph more (daily) - fail
4. Walk with Bubba 3x per week - fail
5. Sew one thing (at least) for myself each month - fail
6. Make cookies with Bubba 1x per month - fail
7. Get a part time job that I like - I have a part time job. I liked it when I started but now I really miss the at home life.
8. Make a realistic budget - fail
9. Blog more consistantly about what we are doing - fail.
10. Organize my desk and business stuff and maintain it - organize accomplished, maintaining - fail.
11. Stay on top of business filing once a week - fail
12. Toilet train Bubba - fail
13. Decorate our bedroom - fail
14. Try 1 new recipe weekly - fail
15. Trip to library bi-weekly - fail
16. Field trip to museums, zoo or park monthly - for me fail, Papa (grandpa has taken Bubba almost weekly)

Overall I am seeing a lot of fails. Well I think goals are a process that evolves. Since I am now employed I feel that I get to revise the goals based on new circumstances. (I should have done this a couple of months ago.)

My 2009 Goals

1. Lose 20 lbs by end of year (196)
next action: meal plan for the week limiting protein to chicken and fish
2. Photograph weekly (instead of daily)
next action: take the camera with us to the park this afternoon
3. Walk with Bubba once a week (instead of 3x)
next action: go for a walk tonight
4. Sew one thing each month (not just for myself.)
next action: continue working on Crystal's cathedral window quilt.
5. Make a realistic budget
next action: write down all expenses for the month with due dates
6. Blog once a week (Sundays are good.)
next action: look at images taken this week and compose a post on Sunday
7. Get filing taken care of. There after file paperwork as it comes in.
next action: one collection bucket at a time get the papers in the files.
8. Toileting with Bubba
next action: this coming weekend we are going to be home bound and this is the priority
9. Finish king size quilt for our bedroom
next action: layout squares and sew them together.
10. Spend more quality time with my Hubs & Bubs.
next action: today we will play a game after dinner

Tuesday, August 11

Our weekend in images

Hello deer. Thanks for posing.

My darling men. The boy is so much like his daddy already.

Waterfall at the lake.

C'mon daddy lets go look.
With his favorite gal.

I can't tell who's leading who.

After I edit this I think I may print and frame it.

I had a thing for water this weekend. This was too beautiful to pass though.

Saturday, August 1

Pretty Windows... A quilt

A while back I decided to take on a lap quilt as a project for my cousin Crystal's housewarming gift. When I started I had an idea about what I wanted it to look like but wasn't in love with the pattern. I looked high and low on the internet and finally found the Cathedral Window Quilt tutorial from Hyena In Petticoats. I knew when I looked through the flickr group that this was the pattern I was looking for. It has tradition but can also look very modern.
This window pane is my favorite pink one.

This is my favorite B&W one.

I started with this size just in case this project was a dud for me. It isn't I love the way this quilt looks. I am even thinking of making a few small ones like this as wall hangings to give for christmas. We'll see what The List looks like when I get this quilt done.