Thursday, October 30

Simple Joys

Big Sigh. I just finished washing the dishes (from today and last night). While I will admit that washing dishes is one of my least favorite responsibilities, probably from doing them so often during the day, I have to add what a pleasure it is to wake up to a sparkling clean kitchen. My day seems to progress so much smoother when my kitchen is clean first thing in the morning. I think I resist getting out of bed when there are dishes to be done instead of making coffee.
Don't you agree that this makes a much better start to the day?
So my joy tonight is a clean kitchen first thing in the morning.

Tuesday, October 28

Working on it

I feel that this should be my new theme phrase. I am constantly telling myself and others that I am working on it. It has been a variety of things lately. Today IT included picking up a check from one of Hubs customers, talking to The Mama on the phone, visiting the library, chatting with Dad & Col. My favorite IT was working on the embroidered napkins for christmas. I have 2 & 1/2 done. The best one is the one I am working on right now. I found a little more inspiration at the library and love using french knots as a filler stitch. So cute. Time consuming. But cute. Pictures when I have all 4 done (tomorrow?)

Thursday, October 23

Furniture Musical Chairs

In preparation for the Montessori Method being introduced into our home (in January) Hubs and I have made a few furniture decisions. A dresser was purchased recently at a yard sale for $20. This will allow our little guy to have access to his clothes and be able to start down the path to clothing independence. (Won't that be a joyous day?) I am also thinking of doing a little spray paint and drawer front decoupage. Anyone have any thoughts on painting veneer?This also freed up the armoire to become our new entertainment center. (Can you tell that I am jumping up and down with excitement?) Once the to do list becomes more manageable I will be giving this piece a little Rehab a la Kimba. I have some stain, hardware & fabric in mind. Just wait and see what happens to it next spring.

Now I only want to repurpose 1 nightstand (by the backdoor for a landing zone) and a printer stand (into a nightstand in A's room), another dresser that needs some gorilla glue, paint & decoupage and remove all traces of fans to our storage (this may be a battle as of yet since my guys have hot blood while mine must be ice water). Oops, I almost forgot that I would seriously love to make covers for the gun safe and filing cabinet. Something that would make me smile at having large metal boxes hanging around the house. Who knows, maybe the filing cabinet needs a coat of spray paint and drawer front decoupage too.

Another gift done

The Mama taught me how to make a doll while I was there visiting. I like the finished product but the tinyness of it made me very frustrated. Thank goodness The Mama was there to bail me out in my times of frustration otherwise Giggles would not have graced this world.

This little dolly is temporarily named Giggles until GG decides differently. Isn't she just as cute as can be? Too bad I will most likely not be making anymore of them. The only exception may be if I ever have a daughter of my own.

A little Collyer in them all

I see a little Collyer in each kid. It's mostly the eyes. Ok, so the ears too.

Wednesday, October 22

Cant. Get. Back. To. NORMAL.

My real life has been on vacation for the last month (at least). Now I am having the hardest time getting it to within reason.
Hubs has been home and wants A and I to go with him almost everywhere he goes. Most of the time I would be happy to accompany him but I am desperate to get my house back under control and get cracking on my crafting projects. Oh Hubby, please let me stay home so I can get back to my regular routine.
Well tomorrow may not be the best day to get back in the saddle. We (A & I) are supposed to help MIL cook a turkey tomorrow. AND we have his 18 mo WBV. Did I mention that I need to get some crafting done? Oh yea, my desk is covered in randomness that is seriously throwing me out of balance. Plus I haven't gotten around to my filing in about 3 months.
Maybe MIL will take A tomorrow morning and I can take him to our Ped and be home to serve up a crock pot dinner. Continental Chicken. Sounds interesting.
I am done ranting about the last several days. There would be no point since they are over.
Positive thoughts for tomorrow... 1) I will get things done. 2) We will have a peaceful day. 3) I will take a little time for myself too.

Saturday, October 18

Planning for a homemade holiday

I have decided since we are getting close I need a plan of attack on this home made holiday.
Things I need to get in RED
Things I already have in YELLOW
Next Actions in GREEN

DH - wool beanie, if I still have time I may make a lap quilt Need material. Lots of material.
Little Man - rag quilt, (crayon roll, colored pencil roll, marker roll) if time permits I will do these (we are also going to get him a big boy bed so the quilt will need to be more substantial than I was going to make.) Need material: 2 yds x 3 colors, batting, thread. Need TIME!

Sister - handbag (3 compartment, small, black, zipper and snap) I have the material for this. Pattern Complete. Cut material.
Princess V - rag quilt need material: 1.5 yds x 2 colors, batting
Jay Bug - rag quilt need material: 1.5 yds x 2 colors, batting

Uncle Doug & Aunt Phyllis - Embroidered napkins (4-6) Done!

Crystal - handbag I have the material for this. Cut material.

The Mama - apron Need Emmeline pattern.

Scarlett - tutu Need material, 3 yds tulle, elastic, silk flowers. Need waist measurement.

Susan - apron & hipslinger if time allows Need Emmeline pattern.
Linda - hipslinger if I have time

Matt - wool beanie & scarf, , Need 3 skeins wool in grey.
Colleen - handbag IN PROGRESS!
GG - Doll

Logan - rag quilt Need material: 1 yd x 2 colors.

Silhouette Ornaments- get paper for background and black
Jam - (11)
Banana Bread - (18) Find my recipe. Thaw bananas.


The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be.

I am a pretender. Well maybe not so much a pretender as much as hiding the warts & boils and only putting my best face forward. Is that pretending or only showing my good side?

I'd like to challenge myself to live with more honor by being more like the person I pretend to be. Thank you Socrates for such an inspiration.

Wednesday, October 8

Entertaining Simple

My morning wish...
Can I please win this giveaway from Restyled Home?

by this guy Matthew Mead

<- These look so yummy and would be a hit for a ladies night. -> If only I would have had a guide to suggest this when I was registering for our wedding.

If you want to preview the book go to his website here.

If I don't win this book is certainly on my Christmas Wish List. Anyone can buy it here. (Hint, hint.)

Tuesday, October 7

Finally feeling better

Oh boy am I glad to finally be feeling better. All I have now is a bit of a cough and the need to blow my nose more than usual (but not nearly as much as when I was sick.
Since A and I are flying to AZ on Thursday I made myself buckle down yesterday and get lots of laundry done as well as scrubbing the tub and parts of the kitchen. Today will include more laundry (I'd like to have it all done so when I get home I only have to deal with travel & hunting laundry), cleaning the rest of the bathroom, changing sheets in both bedrooms and general dusting. For relaxation I should work on the Pleated Beauty Bag. FYI: only 11 weeks left until X-mas. That means my 100% handmade christmas might only be about 70%. Not too bad for a first year and a lesson to really start sooner for next year.
So I was going to tell all about our CA vacation but there is really not much to tell. We stayed in the middle of the desert with no real distractions. Grandma Shirley and I went shopping in town (32 miles away) one day and got the boy a really cute Raiders warm up suit. The rest of the time was spent soaking up as much sun as I could. I really hate how cold they keep their house. I was able to crochet a wool beanie for Hubs and start one for a woman. It is out of the softest bamboo yarn. The color scheme is pink camo. I like it so much I may have to keep it for myself. We shall see.
I am going to revise my handmade holiday post so you might want to check it out.

Wednesday, October 1

Sick day, again.

It is a good thing that I don't have a paying job. I would have been calling in sick all week long.
Today I got my new glasses ordered. I got 2 pair at America's Best. The second pair was about half price so I couldn't pass up getting a backup/sassy pair. The main pair are a bronze color and the second/sassy pair are red! When I get them in I will post photos. (It may have to wait until I get back from AZ.)
I also picked up Teach Me To Do It Myself from Barnes & Noble. I am excited about this one. I already read the introduction and can't wait until I get some time to plan the "work" for Alex. Based on a few things I have noticed about him recently I think he is really ready to begin this kind of preschool.

Today was a major test of my patience and I know that I passed but I don't think I got a very good grade. After looking into it further I found a new tooth breaking through, realized that naptime was pushed back and have to concede that he may not have been feeling as good as I thought he was. So he had reason to have a short temper. I think I need to remember that pausing before reacting will really benefit us both in the long run. So noted.

Free Handbag? Sign me up.

I want to win a totally free handbag. Do you? Go to and register to win your own. There were lots of pretty bags. Go quickly and pick one out.

Thanks Sodeste for blogging about it and sharing.