Friday, September 5

I need a pocket!

Why do I buy clothes without pockets? Because they are cute and I am really wondering if they make my butt look big rather than if there is ample room to stow my electronic life (aka cell phone), lighter, a extra paci, car keys and whatever other miscellany that ends up in a pocket.
I was tellin' The Mama about my need the other day ad she told me to send her some pockets from worn out jeans. (It's on my ever present list ma.) I can't wait to see what she does with some used jeans pockets. Interesting.
So that is a long intro to what I discovered on Craftster this morning. This neato Hipslinger. Not quite a fanny pack so my sister can't laugh at me but something sleek that would be nice to wear to the park on my walk with A or even something for around the house while picking up when it is just a bit too hot to wear an apron. I am off to print this tutorial and add it to my (not quite complete) craft notebook.


  1. I love the hipster. Very smart idea and with instructions too... :) I think it looks more complicated then what I would want to do but I absolutely love the idea!! The Mama

  2. Me too. I think that would be a great pocket for my walks. I am also thinking of making one for MIL's friend Linda because when she goes to Vegas she always carries a fanny pack and this might do the trick for her in a super chic way.