Saturday, September 13

A is for Apple, H is for House.

I just finished reading Teaching Montessori At Home: The Pre-School Years by Elizabeth G. Hainstock. While this was written many years ago it is still insightful and full of practical ideas for preschooling at home. I have a list (can you tell that I just LOVE lists?) of the ideas that I want to use with A. I have a separate list of the materials that I can make. In an effort to save money I will be making as many (there are a lot) of the materials that I can make at home (or the sign shop). I see several materials that I will have to purchase but I think I will look for them on Craigslist or Ebay before looking at the stores.
I am wondering if there are any other At Home Montessori mama's in our area. I have heard of doing a homeschool co-op so maybe there will be something like this for preschoolers. I will certainly be content to push forward if nothing like this is around but it certainly would be reassuring to have a local source for brains to pick when I am stumped. And I also know that there are a multitude of bloggers out there who are teaching montessori at home and are willing to share their thoughts. (What a relief.)
So first things first. I will begin making the Prepared Environment over the next several months. (As much as I can with seriously limited space.) I started a list (another one) this morning regarding the changes that I feel need to be made in A's bedroom. I will be doing this in the living room and kitchen too. I need to chat with Hubs before I begin on this because it is going to effect future purchases and arrangements too. Although I am certain that Hubs will just tell me to do whatever I feel is necessary.

On a related topic of purchases and space... I may have found a house for us. I walked to see it last Sunday and certainly fell in like with the place. It has a lot of potential and needs a ton of TLC. But the size is good and so is the location. The big bonus... the price was dropped by $10k in the last week. Woo Hoo. This means that it is even closer to our getting it. Want to look at it? Check here. There is an issue with lead based paint (as on almost all old houses) but they are limited to the exterior of the house so I don't think that will prevent us from making a bid on it. With the bid amount we would likely place on this our house payment would be comparable to our current rent. I just can't see us not getting into something like this if it is going to build our equity and cost us the same or a tiny bit more to own. However, since Hub and I have been looking at houses for the last 4.5 years I am not going to get my hopes up too high until we are actually making the bid. Even then it could be rejected so I will reserve most of my excitement until we close on it.

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