Monday, September 29

Back from vacation

We made it back from our first vacation ok. A got sick on Wednesday and stayed that way even through today. I picked it up on Saturday as we were preparing to leave. Hubs got it while driving home. So our house is a sick one right now. Hubs did go to work today but he is just good like that. I am miserable. A was pushing all of my buttons today. I am ready to call it a day and hope that tomorrow is much better.
As soon as I feel better I will make a real post about the vacation along with the crafts that I completed while there. Until then I'll leave you with a few photos from our vacation.These were taken on the way home at a beautiful rest / view area in Utah called Spotted Wolf. The signs were enlightening and the view was breathtaking.We don't know of any other place in the world that we could have let A run in the road. This is the canyon where Grandma Shirley & Grandpa Gene live.

These kids are getting so big. I remember when she was just a newborn baby.

Of course I feel like I gained 10 lbs from all of Grandma's homemade meals. A liked the spaghetti and garlic bread most of all. There was not a day out there that we didn't have 3 huge meals. Thanks Grandma it was delicious. Oh, I almost forgot to thank Grandpa for the delicious tri tip on Friday night. It was fantastic.

Now for some NyQuil and a good night's rest.

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