Wednesday, September 10

Last night instead of blogging...

Last night I was up way too late on my computer but I found inspiration and could not close the laptop for hours. I think I may have found something to obsess about for the next few months until the new year. Over here you will see what I am taking about. I have been lamenting much about A getting an education before he starts Pre-K. Earlier this year I read a couple of books on the Montessori way and was really intrigued. Now that I have a working model from which to pull our activities I am excited. I am thinking about starting this at the beginning of 2009. I will be using the remainder of September to evaluate the idea and discuss it with Hubs. Then if we agree about this method I will be preparing to start At-Home Preschool from Oct -Dec. I am hoping that we can put a few items needed for school on A's christmas wish list. I will also start a few activities with A in December as well as talk about having school time. Best to prepare him rather than just throw him in the water. Ya know.

Today is going to be busy and I am already behind. I hope the checkout lane is short and I can make some of it up.

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