Saturday, January 31

I did it!

I told you about Crimson the other day but that was before I got a short term part time job. I just happened to work all day Friday and part of today too. With my self imposed deadline only hours away and a baby boy who went to bed early I decided to go ahead with the backup plan.

This is the pattern I used. I only did the pants tonight but have plans to make the top as well. The top will be made out of the cute flannel cherry print I used for the ties on the pants.

Ta Da. I am washing them now and hope to lounge most of tomorrow in them. I was in under the wire at 5 minutes to midnight. It feels so good to have honored the commitment to myself.

Next month will resume with Crimson. The start is looking good and I think I fixed the issue I was having with the bobbin thread. If I have time (Ha, ha) I may throw in the bonus project of the pj top in the above pattern.

Tuesday, January 27

I shall call you Crimson

One of my resolutions/goals this year was to make a garment for myself each month. Since the days of the month are decreasing rapidly I thought I should get started. I have a quick backup project if this one doesn't come to fruition by Saturday afternoon.

This is Simplicity 3750. I bought this pattern last summer. Or was it spring? At any rate that is why I have a clearly warmer weather garment when the current forecast doesn't peek over 50 degrees. This one was also up because I have had much of the material cut an in a project box for 5+ months. I am doing view A which is the drawing center left hand side. I am calling this blouse (Does anyone else use this word anymore?) Crimson in honor of the beautiful red I chose for the main fabric. I think Cherries & Cream would also have been an appropriate choice as the contrasting band is a white on white print.
I can't wait to put this on. That requires that is be much further on though. I did have to rip out the same seem several times tonight though so I put it away much sooner than I would have liked. Sometimes you just know when you are beat and must come back to it later. So the plan is to convince Hubby to take Bubba to Sportsman's Warehouse tomorrow so I can get in some **extra** quality time with my machine. Maybe a bribe of delicious homemade pizza for lunch will do the trick.
Wish me luck and that the seem ripper stays put away.

Saturday, January 24

At A Loss

I'm not sure how to feel for the last day or so. My paternal grandpa passed away yesterday night. I am unsure how to feel because he did a lot of really nasty things in his life as well as some amazingly good ones. I am choosing to live in the moment and accept whatever feeling I have at the time I have it.
This evening my aunt called me to let me know that there will be no funeral now because he is being cremated and they will be spreading his ashes this spring at Collyer Mountain. While I think cremation is the responsible choice these days I also feel like I have been let down without a funeral at which to say goodbye. Since I haven't really been shedding tears I assumed that my emotions would come at the funeral. Now I don't feel that I have that chance. I guess when I finally wrap my head around it I will grieve.

Sunday, January 18

My steal at Joann's

I had a $25 gift card from christmas so I used that and $7 cash for all of this. The receipt said I saved $130! Such a steal!

Bubba in pictures

Granny accompanied me & Bubba to the park when we had a warm day recently. He started out the day a little scared of the grid that you walk on but was soon over that and running like a wild man wanting to do everything. Love it.

I love it when Daddy & Bubs do stuff together. They love to color and look through the scopes of Daddy's guns.

Bubba and I made baked chicken together too. He is really starting to take an interest in the kitchen and cooking.

It seems that we don't have a day that goes by without a request to color. (He is starting to say the word too.)

"What are you doin bud?"

We have a quilt to make for cousin J. My little guy wanted to help.

Potty training is on its way. Bubba is getting used to sitting still for a few minutes while on the potty.

"Dada I was sleeping."
"I'm going back to sleep."

Bubba is getting so creative with his toys. Recently he decided to make his own microphone stand with a wooden screwdriver and funnel.

So this is our last couple of weeks in pictures. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thursday, January 15

Blah, Blah this. Blah, blah that.

I feel bad for not posting anything of real substance in too long. Sorry bout that. I've been lazing about and missing my Col and waiting to see a therapist about some pretty pills and good advise. Today I got off my arse and did a few things around the house. Then I saw the therapist who gave me some good advise and a referral to see the other Dr about the pills. I got some retail therapy for SuperCheap (said best like Little Einsteins "Super Fast") at Joanns. Finally I got to see my most missed Col too. Oh yea and her hubs and little girl. All in all a good day. Want more detail? Keep reading.

The house has been a bit neglected while I have used fatigue and lack of interest as reasons for allowing it to be so. Today I made an effort. Laundry is 80% washed and dried with a 70% on put away. The kitchen (before dinner guests) made its way to useable again. I feel like I clean my kitchen at least 2-3 times a day. Does anyone else? Kitchen? Check. Hubs fixed the slow draining tub so I was able to clean it without sloshing around the dirt. Bathroom? Check. Vacuum floors? Check. Lots more do do tomorrow? Double check.

I did get a couple of financial issues resolved, at least for the month. Money makes me ill at times. Especially when we lack it come bill time. The winter is usually tight for us since Hubs cannot work in the cold but add in the current economic situation and we have an extraordinarliy hard time paying everything when due. To get those items checked off my list is heart lifting.

I think Dr M. is going to work out. He is older and wiser with lots of experience in the field. His advise until out next session is to start taking more Vitamin D, more than what is in my multi vitamin. He also recommended that I walk outside daily for at least 40 minutes. This kills 2 birds, need for sunlight & need for excersize, with one act. He also suggested that I attend a Women's group next Tuesday. I am certain I will be there. He also referred me to the med Dr. I'll be seeing Dr Swift at the end of the month.

I saved a boat load at Joanns today on Simplicity patterns and 4 fabrics that were half off, half off. That deserves it's own post with pictures.

And dinner with the Mc's was wonderful as always. I can't wait to do dinner at their house tomorrow night.

For now I am off to bed. Good night.

Tuesday, January 6

3 grocery stores & a trip across town by 1pm

That is what our morning looked like. We hit up Albertsons, Safeway and Target before racing through unloading / putting away and A's lunch. Then off to Grandpa's house for lunch and getting materials for the bed & chair project.

My Dad & I debated over many color combos. That choice doesn't have to be made for a couple of weeks so I will think on it a bit more.

After leaving Grandpa's we got home with a sleeper in the car. It was a good thing Hubs was home because I needed to hit up one more store before I could call it done for the week. I got some major good deals. I saved over $140 today. I spent about $175. I think that is about 45% savings. Not bad if I do say so myself. Thanks to Grocery Game for the assist.

Now I am beat and need some sleep before I go to my therapy intake appointment tomorrow. We won't be working on any issues yet, just figuring out what the issues are. Wish me luck. I'll report back anything interesting.

Thursday, January 1

Accomplishments & Goals

Last year I had a list that was nearly 3 pages of New Year resolutions. The only one that really stuck was weight loss. I did lose the 30 lbs I set out for. (I gained back 5 for the holidays.)
Other things I accomplished last year:
learned to sew
handmade christmas
made a new Mommy friend
sewed 3 garments for myself
learned basic knitting stitched
learned to embroider
got a better summer wardrobe
maintained an organized kitchen

My 2009 Goals
1. Lose 30 more lbs
2. Hand make as many birthday presents as possible
3. Photograph more (daily)
4. Walk with Bubba 3x per week
5. Sew one thing (at least) for myself each month
6. Make cookies with Bubba 1x per week
7. Get a part time job that I like
8. Make a realistic budget
9. Blog more consistantly about what we are doing
10. Organize my desk and business stuff and maintain it
11. Stay on top of business filing once a week
12. Toilet train Bubba
13. Decorate our bedroom
14. Try 1 new recipe weekly
15. Trip to library bi-weekly
16. Field trip to museums or zoo monthly