Saturday, June 6

Dear Blog,

I am sorry I have neglected you of late. I promise I have been thinking of you. I have even been composing posts in my head while driving in traffic. Too bad they are locked in the vault that is my memory and I seem to have misplaced the key. I have notes too but they are not helping in finding the key. OOPS.
I have been doing a lot lately. There has been much work going on. That has been a fun challenge. I have been driving all over town and back again. (Ah, the joys of free babysitting.) I have also been going crazy over the house being a total mess. Yeah, I know it has always been a mess but now I think I need to call in FEMA to get some help. Ok, so maybe FEMA is extreme but a maid could do it right?
So today while Bubba is over at Granny's house I will be tackling the most pressing of my tasks instead of composing a fabulous post with pictures and all. Sorry but the laundry is threatening to take over my bedroom and the sewing that I have not accomplished is starting to yell at me. You know the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
So I am off to Pay the bills, make the beds, setup the new sewing table, make a diaper bag, LAUNDRY, file paperwork in the cabinet, and about 10 other sewing projects. Wish me luck.
Much love.

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  1. Blogging is hard soemtimes when life gets in the way...I hear you on that! :)