Sunday, February 1

State of the Goals, February Edition

Being Frugal has inspired me to do a goals address.

My 2009 Goals
1. Lose 30 more lbs - no progress here, regress actually. This month I will make sure to drink 8 glasses of water daily and cut out sweets.
2. Hand make as many birthday presents as possible - There were 2 birthdays last month and I did not make anything for either one. I do plan to make up my sister's birthday with a skirt. My uncle will be the happy recipient of a Bubba canvas.
3. Photograph more (daily) - I have been taking lots of images but this has not yet become a daily habit. I will work on making this a conscious thought daily.
4. Walk with Bubba 3x per week - We have walked a couple of times but not three times in one week. This week it is on the plan for Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.
5. Sew one thing (at least) for myself each month - I did it! Read about my success here.
6. Make cookies with Bubba 1x per week - I think for the sake of #1 this will be revised to once per month. I did make pressed cookies this month so that totally counts.
7. Get a part time job that I like - Cleaning apartments is NOT what I want to do BUT it will help me contirbute to our financial situation.
8. Make a realistic budget - I am in the data gathering stage this month (FEB) and listening to Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover on audiobook.
9. Blog more consistantly about what we are doing - since I only blogged 8 times last month I am gonna call this a bust for Jan. I am making a list of what I'd like to write in my notebook so I can get my thoughts down on paper before I get on the computer.
10. Organize my desk and business stuff and maintain it - Ha, Ha, Yea right.
11. Stay on top of business filing once a week - See #10.
12. Toilet train Bubba - no further progress
13. Decorate our bedroom - $$$ is an issue to be able to do this one.
14. Try 1 new recipe weekly - Puff Pancake
15. Trip to library bi-weekly - eek I really need to do this before my fines are too much to han.
16. Field trip to museums or zoo monthly - nope, I think we are adding the Park to this list.

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  1. Wow, you have a lot of things on your list. I wonder if cutting the list down means you can concentrate on one or two items so that they become 'part of you' before trying to do all the other things too.

    Pick a few things that are most important to you and go with them. You might even find you hit a few of the other items as a side effect too :)

    Good luck.