Saturday, January 31

I did it!

I told you about Crimson the other day but that was before I got a short term part time job. I just happened to work all day Friday and part of today too. With my self imposed deadline only hours away and a baby boy who went to bed early I decided to go ahead with the backup plan.

This is the pattern I used. I only did the pants tonight but have plans to make the top as well. The top will be made out of the cute flannel cherry print I used for the ties on the pants.

Ta Da. I am washing them now and hope to lounge most of tomorrow in them. I was in under the wire at 5 minutes to midnight. It feels so good to have honored the commitment to myself.

Next month will resume with Crimson. The start is looking good and I think I fixed the issue I was having with the bobbin thread. If I have time (Ha, ha) I may throw in the bonus project of the pj top in the above pattern.

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