Tuesday, March 3

Group Think

I attend a Womens Group on Tuesday mornings. It has been nice to get another perspective from the group members. Today the group really flowed nicely. The leader started off with a selection from Illuminata that discussed the idea that anger stems from fear. My issue I brought to group related to anger. The ladies there gave me some great advice to focus on myself and refuse to allow someone else's anger to ruin my day. We also discussed issues that the other members were dealing with this week including money, loss of a relationship, a young mommy to be dealing with a baby-daddy and co-dependence. The exchange of information and ideas was inspiring.

It seems that my life has themes. One recent theme has been money. I am reading a lot of great blogs on personal finance, frugality and budgeting. On the recommendation of some of these blogs I purchased The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey on audiobook. Much to my joy this book has really changed the way I am dealing with money. I won't speak with any authority on the subject because I am broke and only working on baby step 2 but I will recommend this book to anyone who will listen. It was a suggestion I made to the group member dealing with money issues today. It is something I will be living along the way and re-reading as necessary. I have hope. Huge hope.


  1. Dave Ramsey is good stuff...but he sure is tough. :)

  2. I have heard good things about the Total Money Makeover. It is always good to get your money under control, and baby steps are the way to get there and stay there! best wishes!