Sunday, April 26

2nd Birthday Extravaganza

Yesterday was amazing. We had a great 2nd Birthday for Bubba. He really enjoyed himself at the aquarium. The cousins, lots of adult family and a few friends came with us.

Many things to see at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver.

The beautiful salmon.

A coral tank with seahorses. I would love to have a coral tank like this at home. These seahorses were very small.

Then this guy was enormous!

There were beautiful colors everywhere. I love the brightness of the sea stars.

The bubbles allowed the kiddos to really get into the experience.

The cousins too.

Of course we had to FIND NEMO. He was there and so was Dory and many of the other friends.

Quite possibly my favorite photo from the day was taken by Hubs. Every time I see a lionfish I think of Deuce Bigelow. I know, I'm strange.

Finally is my cake that I fretted over all week. (No joke!) I love the way it turned out even though I had something else in my head. (That looked like the shelf coral not poo in real life.)

Not bad for a beginner.

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