Sunday, August 30

Why do I forget my camera on important days?

Our household has been sick most of the week. This means that on top of feeling nasty from the bug we have all had I have not had the energy to do much of anything.
Today was a different story. I had to kick it in high gear to make a little princess a skirt for her 5th birthday. From 8:30 to noon I worked on a 4 tier skirt from blueprints.
Bubba and I went to the special event as soon as the skirt was completed. V, my sister S and I enjoyed an at home spa day while the boys played and did boy things. When they caught sight of the three of us with green masked faced they laughed like crazy. After the spa we decorated cupcakes like last year. Bubba got way into decorating his. He helped me hold the icing bags and he placed all the sprinkles just where he wanted them. My heart smiled when I saw him being so independent.

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