Wednesday, March 11

Think Positive

Yesterday in my women's group we read and discussed affirmation cards much like these. Here are the front of the cards we read and my thoughts about them. I think I may pick up a set at B&N later today.

* There is no blame.
It is really hard to go out into the world without blaming myself or others for many situations. I am striving to work on this as I go about my week.

* Everything I touch is a success.
I LOVE this card. It is so positive. This is also a bit like trying to find the silver lining in a cloud. Even a "failure" can produce a success in the learning process.

* All my relationships are harmonious.
Wow. I can say that most of my relationships are in harmony. It always seems that something may be off with one person or another but they each come back to harmony with the right time and the right words.

* My home is a peaceful haven.
I strive for this all day long. It seems that lately I only feel this when all is quite either during nap times or after everyone has gone to sleep. This week my challenge is going to be to find the peace in every moment throughout the day.

* There is plenty for everyone including me.
In the current economy it is hard to believe that this may be true for everyone. But that reminds me that I have much more than I really NEED. If all I had was food, shelter, clothing and LOVE I would have all I need. Everything else is icing.

* I am totally adequate for all situations.
There is challenge in those words. While I do believe that I tend to mostly choose situations where I am adequate I also try to push myself outside of my comfort zone and see if I am adequate elsewhere. Sometimes I find myself lacking knowledge or skills for a particular task. That does not mean that I am inadequate for the situation.

* I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do.
This is not true every moment of everyday. I think that living with intention and purpose makes this possible more often. Why am I doing something that is not fulfilling? If it is something I must do (dishes, laundry or scrubbing the tub) why not be fulfilled by the action and result. If it is something I want to do it should fulfill me.

* I am at peace with my age.
Until recently this was untrue for me. I was always in Fast Forward Mode. I wanted to get to the end to see how it all turned out. Now I beg the day to slow down so I may be in the moment. I now see life for the journey rather than the milestones and the destination. I am over the quarter century mark that was so hard for me. I am looking down the barrel of "old" with the passing of 2 more birthdays. I am okay with that. Bring it on Universe.

* I express my creativity.
I try to physically express my creativity as often as possible. I am constantly thinking of what I would love to be doing (given that the required tasks were taken care of) with the fabric, yarn, paint, paper, etc. I also think that creativity can be expressed in words, thoughts and emotions. This is something I am taking on as well this week.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel any of these affirmations speak to you? I would love to know what you think about them.

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