Friday, May 22

A long time gone

Wow. I know is been a while since my last post but I didn't realize that it has been nearly a month. Do you want to know what has been keeping me away from my blog? I know you do. Right?


I am now back in the sign business. I love the job. My boss is really wonderful and so are all of my co-workers. I miss my baby like crazy but he is getting to spend some great time with Granny, Grandpa & other family too. Here is the website. Go check it out.

There has been some sewing go on here too. I made a summer blouse last Sunday. It was the Made By Rae Spring Ruffle Top. I don't have a picture yet but if the weather holds I plan to wear it tomorrow to my sister's BBQ.

I hope to post pictures to share everything else too.

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