Tuesday, August 25

Checking in with the 2009 goals.

My 2009 Goals
1. Lose 30 more lbs - fail
2. Hand make as many birthday presents as possible - mostly fail
3. Photograph more (daily) - fail
4. Walk with Bubba 3x per week - fail
5. Sew one thing (at least) for myself each month - fail
6. Make cookies with Bubba 1x per month - fail
7. Get a part time job that I like - I have a part time job. I liked it when I started but now I really miss the at home life.
8. Make a realistic budget - fail
9. Blog more consistantly about what we are doing - fail.
10. Organize my desk and business stuff and maintain it - organize accomplished, maintaining - fail.
11. Stay on top of business filing once a week - fail
12. Toilet train Bubba - fail
13. Decorate our bedroom - fail
14. Try 1 new recipe weekly - fail
15. Trip to library bi-weekly - fail
16. Field trip to museums, zoo or park monthly - for me fail, Papa (grandpa has taken Bubba almost weekly)

Overall I am seeing a lot of fails. Well I think goals are a process that evolves. Since I am now employed I feel that I get to revise the goals based on new circumstances. (I should have done this a couple of months ago.)

My 2009 Goals

1. Lose 20 lbs by end of year (196)
next action: meal plan for the week limiting protein to chicken and fish
2. Photograph weekly (instead of daily)
next action: take the camera with us to the park this afternoon
3. Walk with Bubba once a week (instead of 3x)
next action: go for a walk tonight
4. Sew one thing each month (not just for myself.)
next action: continue working on Crystal's cathedral window quilt.
5. Make a realistic budget
next action: write down all expenses for the month with due dates
6. Blog once a week (Sundays are good.)
next action: look at images taken this week and compose a post on Sunday
7. Get filing taken care of. There after file paperwork as it comes in.
next action: one collection bucket at a time get the papers in the files.
8. Toileting with Bubba
next action: this coming weekend we are going to be home bound and this is the priority
9. Finish king size quilt for our bedroom
next action: layout squares and sew them together.
10. Spend more quality time with my Hubs & Bubs.
next action: today we will play a game after dinner


  1. I am glad to see that you have such a positive outlook on all of this, and decided to revise your goals. Good for you love!

  2. Sometimes it's good to stop, re-evaluate and adjust. Good for you.