Monday, February 16

Valentine's Weekend in review

Hubs had a birthday last Friday. His last before the big 3-0. He took it in stride but didn't want to do anything. So I postponed the celebration until Sunday. That and Bubba was sick so we couldn't have anyone over until he was better.

Valentines Day was a mellow day with a sick little but when he was tucked into bed Hubs and I did have a good time getting DRUNK. (The first time in years for me.) It was kinda nice to do low key since years past has made V-day one that I want to celebrate but just end up being disappointed. This year with no expectation things turned out well. Hubs even made dinner while I was required to sit on the sofa. Cool.

The birthday party on Sunday was nice. Again low key since we only invited his mom, brother, and the McCormicks. I made a beautiful carrot cake. It was my first frosted cake all by myself. The best part was it tasted better than it looked.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentines Day.

By the way... Mom, thanks for the treats for the kids. I will be sure to get J & V theirs as soon as I see them.

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