Tuesday, December 2

While the men were out

Today (as with the rest of the days this week) Hubby was home due to lack of real work. He did however venture out into the world to pick up and drop off samples for a customer. On his way out the door Little Man "ooh, ooh, oohed" his way into an invitation for the ride. So I was without men in the house for a whole 2.5 hours this morning. What does a sick chick do with this kind of time? Well, a regular sick chick would haul herself off to bed and rest. But that is NOT what I did. I decorated for christmas. I know I am strange but the sense of accomplishment it gave me made up for the constant need to use a tissue.
I am trying something new to go with the kid that gets into ev.er.y.th.i.ng. I need it to settle in before I share photos. I am thinking about tweaking it tomorrow anyway.

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