Monday, December 1

In the year twenty oh nine

So I am already thinking about the start of the new year. Personally I want to decide on a few goals and make meaningful and do able resolutions. Parentally (That is a word. I looked it up in the dictionary.) I want to have a plan so on January 1 I am not freaking out thinking "Where did all the time go? What am I going to present A?" There is a ton more that I am sure will be boring to everyone but me.
So what is my purpose for this particular post? It is a rough draft gathering of the many projects I want to tackle next year. Including but not limited to clothing patterns, crafting projects, sewing and paper projects. I find many times that by bookmarking a particular sight that lose interest in the project long before I have time to review and complete it. So here I will be able to give myself a little pep talk before each link and remind myself what I had in mind.
LoveBug is going to need a place special to put his artwork and other triumphs so I need to make a message/art board for him. I love this idea for our bedroom as well.
I really want to make a quilt this upcoming year. This one seems even simpler than the rag quilt I made GG. This may be a great top for our bed.
I have had my eye on fabric bins for the living room and Love Bug's room. These are the perfect solution.
These little pouches would make great little gifts for the travelers in my life.
Another (simple) quilt. This would be great for a couch throw as well as a baby blanket.
I can't get enough of shoes & handbags. I love this pattern and think it would be a nice bag.

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