Sunday, December 7

There's a birthday coming

and I'm not ready. My nephew, J, is turning 7 on Tuesday. (Yes, Mom I still have the card you sent up here.) I am not ready because I need to make a rag quilt for his present and cupcakes decorated like bowling balls & pins for the party. Fortunately Col is coming over tomorrow to help with baking & decorating. I can guarantee it will be fun based on our cookie expedition last Friday. The party should be fun too since we were just talking about wanting to go bowling.

In other news: I have finally taken a huge chunk out of Mt Washmore (my laundry for the non-flybabies) and feel really good about it. As I was telling Mom on the phone today, I really like doing my laundry but only when I have it under control. I HATE doing it and avoid it as much as possible when the piles just keep building!

Also I signed up at Juicy Juice a while back and got a sippy cup in the mail yesterday. That was a nice surprise. I also got a Huggies #3 sample diaper. There was also a recipe book from Ragu. I just love surprises in the mail. Don't you?

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  1. Thanks honey. I am so relieved to know I took care of this already. I need to make a "just birthday" calendar. Any ideas? Love the blog and love those cookies. They look absolutely yummy.