Friday, December 12


Yesterday was the first official day that our household has not been sick all week. The week started out with a super productive Sunday that included mopping, bathroom cleaning and LAUNDRY! I felt oh so good about these accomplishments.
Then germs struck. I woke up early feeling like I was in the early stages of pregnancy (i'm SO not!), ya know the sick-to-my-stomach-think-i'm-gonna-hurl deal. I though well maybe if I don't move the feeling will pass. Yeah right. Thank goodness the bathroom is right around the corner. Shortly thereafter I heard hubby with our boy. He makes sad little whimpers when he's nauseated. Poor kiddo. I felt so bad for him all day. That is when I wasn't taking care of my own issues.
Fortunately we have a good Daddy/Hubs in our world. He got us some takeout soup and Gatorade. It was so nice to not have to worry about making dinner. Thanks Hubs.
Then of course Hubs comes down with a flu like sickness on Tuesday. So all three of us were feeling pretty miserable. It would have been a wonderful day to have a tv in our room where we could all watch videos and sleep the day away. Guess the living room sofa & tv will have to suffice.
Unfortunately it took until yesterday for A & I to feel better. Hubs is fully recovered today. Now if we can only keep the germs away from us we will all be better for a while.
Between catching up the laundry pile, the housework that was neglected and a couple of friendships our time has been exhausted. We did make something for the christmas goodie boxes today. I share more about that next time. I promise it is worth coming back for. Until then, Happy Holidays!

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