Monday, December 29

Lullaby and Good Night

Our boy is getting bigger everyday. A day has not gone by recently without me saying "Right on Bubba." He is learning so much and doing so much. Since he will be a Big Boy soon (if he isn't already) he needs a big boy bed. Not just any run of the mill toddler bed will do though. He needs something cool and stylish. Here comes my confession... I spent most of yesterday's naptime looking at toddler & platform beds. I knew going in that I wouldn't buy something but was looking for something to inspire our own creation. I will be working with my dad over the next several weeks to build this bed (and chair).
These are my inspiration photos:

This is an amazing bed for a growing boy. It will allow for a little underbed storage. I love the bench feature. I think it will help when he wants to start dressing himself. Plus the low profile of it will be great for his use for the next few (4?) years. Here is the manufacturer website.

The lime green & grey are the colors we are going to paint the bed, chair and the art easel (that my dad is making).
I am also going to make this chair at the same time. Since I'll have the material and be doing all the same processes it just makes sense to make it all together. 3 benefits. 1) It will match the other furniture. 2) It will cost far less to make than to buy. 3) This is exactly what I want.

These are others I found while looking. I like the modern aesthetic. Spot on Square is the designer.
Plus this one folds up like a chair. How cool is that? Go check it out here.

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