Friday, December 5

In the spirit of the holiday

Today our friends came over and we made:
I got the recipe here. This is a wonderful gingerbread if you like less spice and lots of good flavor. They are okay when eaten without icing but so much better with it. This icing was very runny so we used a TON of sugar to make it thicker. We also set the icing in the freezer for 10 minutes or so to firm up as well.

This one is my favorite:
We didn't get to ice all of them so we will be doing more tomorrow.

Here is a picture taken my Hubs. We all laughed hard when we saw it.

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  1. Those cookies look almost too good to eat! I'd like to give that recipe a try. I just read that you call your husband "hubs." That's my nickname for my husband, too! Great minds think alike, huh? Anyway, I loved reading through your blogs - Mile High Montessori, too!