Thursday, December 18

What we've been up to

Christmas is the perfect time to make candies. Here are my salted chocolate caramels. I am going to attempt True Love Truffles tomorrow. And if all turns out I may even make Microwave Peanut Brittle too. (That one requires littles to be in bed.)

Bass Pro Shops put on a great Winter Wonderland. My boy did good with Santa (as expected since the kid has never met a stranger). His favorite part of the display was the train. He also loved the giant catfish in the tank. I think this was the first time we have been to Bass Pro that he has responded to the fish. He was really telling them what for. Thanks Granny for going with us. We had a great time.

I have wanted to try my hand at knitting for a while. I decided to take the plunge. While I am no where near the end of my first project, a gray wool scarf, I am pleased with the progress I am making. I certainly think this is another piece to the Liz puzzle.

Aside from the above we have been fighting off the tail end of the illness. I am happy to report that I am feeling better and the Boy is on the mend as well. Guess that means we need to get back to the usual tomorrow. I have a date with the bathroom and the mop. Good times.


  1. YOu read my mind---I've been thinking about making salt caramels and you've pushed me over the edge. I've got a plan for tonight...

  2. They were lots of fun to make but I didn't mention that I burned the first batch of caramel. When the candy gets to 300 keep a close eye on it because it goes quick after that.
    I can't wait to read about your creations on your blog.