Sunday, December 21

We love visitors

We got special visitors today. Hubs brother & sister in law brought the newest member of the family over. Little L is only 5 weeks old. It must have been serendipity because just yesterday I was missing the brand new little stage with Bubba. Good stuff.
Bubba provided great entertainment after our meal. It was pretty good if I do say so myself. Parmesan crusted mahi mahi, creamed spinach and rice with tomatoes. Our guy had a good time as you can see above. He was rockin' the air guitar (his latest musical thing) like the rock star he is. Who knows maybe someday he will have a real guitar.

We are gearing up to the final days before the holiday. I have lots of cookie making and baking to do. Since we had visitors today and we will be visitors tomorrow I forsee a late night coming up.

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  1. Good luck with all your visitors - mine are coming in today... should be fun, but there's always so much extra work to do around the house! Happy Holidays!