Saturday, November 1

Trick or Treat

Halloween was very exciting for us this year since Little is able to walk and point and enjoy getting a little scared. We dressed him as a Marshall/Cowboy. I made the vest and holster out of black felt and a couple of finds from Hobby Lobby. The hat, marshall star, and gun came from Wal-Mart. Anyone who knows Hubs knew that our boy would have a gun before too long. (I'm just happy that it's fake.) Granny found the boots at Famous Footwear. (More than I would have paid but we are thankful for the gift.)

In the morning I took him to my former workplace. It was nice to visit everyone for a while. (I also got a couple of job leads. But that is for another post.) Everyone said he was so adorable. What do you think?
We also did a little Trick Or Treating in the evening. There were so few houses lit up so we only got about 5 houses. More than enough candy to tide Hubs over. Little got his share from Granny since his mama is paranoid about things that might be in the candy.

We also went to Auntie's work for their family day. My Little loves being with the big kids. They were so cute. Too bad I left the camera in the car.

I am falling asleep at the keyboard so I should go. Don't want to wake up with space bar line across my forehead.


  1. I love A's costume! What a real blessing our little guy is. Please tell Grandma that Grammie says "Thank you!!" I appreciate that she did "The Gram Thing" because that is what Grams do. Love ya sugar.