Saturday, November 29

A Choo! Excuse me.

On Thanksgiving night after the festivities I started really coming down with icky illness. Headache, sneezes, either a runny nose or congestion (my nose cannot decide which to be), just general blah. So I have done little more than the minimum for the last 2 days. I did get to the grocery store tonight but that short trip drained me. Thankfully Hubs put away the groceries for me and Little Man went to bed nice and easy. I did make some cocoa for me and Hubs but now I am beat. I am considering just going to bed and dealing with the kitchen and laundry tomorrow. I know full well that I will take care of the kitchen even if I don't get to the laundry tonight.
**Sharleen I promise to get your wallet in the works just as soon as I can.**
Well my cocoa is gone so I can't avoid my kitchen any longer. Good Night All.

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