Sunday, November 9

A little progress

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I have almost finished this project. When I get a chance to go to Hobby Lobby again I will get a wood embroidery hoop to frame it. I was inspired by a few cakes on Flickr. The yellow is not as pronounced as I was hoping for but I think it does the job of highlighting the pattern.

This project is complete. It turned out a bit longer than necessary but I like the ruffle at the bottom. This may be something I keep for myself. We shall see. (Sorry for the blurry photo. I should have retaken it but it's late.)

So I have a couple of things to show for last week. Mind you they are not the things I told myself needed to be done. Ahhh, such is the to do list when one project is bugging me.

Col's bag is giving me headaches since it has been on my TO DO list for weeks. I did get a couple of steps done last week but I still have several to go before the bag is done. The light at the end of the tunnel is that of all the people I am creating for this year I think she will appreciate it most.

Instead of the calendars I may be making lots of ornaments for the fam. The calendars (a great idea) are going to be quite expensive and time consuming. Kimba did these and I fell in love. I am seriously considering taking on this project because while it will still be time consuming I think the cost will be LOTS less. I will have a verdict by tomorrow night.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! They both turned out so wonderfully!

  2. OOOOOO! I love the hat! Did you knit or crochet it? It's lovely!

  3. I wonder what I will be getting!!!!!!!!

  4. So cute! And really...copying anything Kimba does is a no-brainer!