Thursday, November 13


I got the 5+ comments to a post so I will be doing a giveaway. I will announce it in a couple of days. Anyone interested should stay tuned.

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  1. ok I want in on the freebe give away cuz just like everyone else I love free!!!! Ok do you want an essay on "Why I deserve the giveaway?" My reply... "Cause I'm The Mama. That's why!" Or how about "What creative input have I contributed to Liz?" Reply..."Hello I birthed the wonderfully talented Liz, and oh yeah did you see that beautiful doll she made for G? By the way I believe a blanket was made for the very same G that was The Mama's doings. Sorta." At any rate, I think a listing of the comments and or the people in the running. Did I tell you I love your blog and more importantly I love you!