Tuesday, November 11

Housekeeping and new stuff

I spent some (ok, a lot) time this morning prettying up this blog. Good thing too since I have had several visitors from the I Can Make That party hosted by Chris at Just a Girl. Please go to the party. There have been several ideas that I already bookmarked for review next time I need to make gifts.
The new look is a free one from Lena at Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates. She has lots of great templates. Including some lovely holiday themes.
I also started a couple of new blogs. The first one is to showcase the beautiful work my Hubs does. He does such a great job with his masonry I just had to put together a blog to brag about it. Please come in and take a look.
The second blog I started is Mile High Montessori. This is where I will be recording our preschool adventure beginning in January. In the mean time I will be sharing my preparation work.
Well it looks like naptime is upon us. Bye.


  1. hey there! fun blog! It was good seeing you guys this past weekend. Talk to you soon.

  2. 2 new blogs? Wow! I have to hand it to you. You are a brave woman! I tried one extra blog and couldn't do it. I guess I am a one-blog-gal! ;)