Saturday, November 22

O Christmas Tree To Be, Part 2

Last night I finally sat down to my sewing machine and got the felt for the tree sewn. It did not take long so I wonder why I was procrastinating about it?
Today I stuffed the 4 boughs. I used embroidery floss and a blanket stitch to close them up and add a little character. They are currently safety pinned together for pictures but I want to come up with a kid friendly method of putting them together. Velcro seems to be the first choice but what keeps kiddos from completely tearing apart the tree instead of just re-arranging the ornaments? Safety pins may work out once it is attached to the wall.

Next step is adding the trunk. Once that is attached and installed on the wall then we can begin to decorate. (Although I will not be putting the tree up until after Thanksgiving. There is just something that irks me about too much christmas too soon. It's one thing to have a few songs or a little decor early but when the mall looks like Santa is there the day after Halloween I get a little cranky.)

Also, seeing this finished size I think I may be making too many ornaments. What am I going to do with the extras you ask. Why, I am going to make them into a garland for the space between the kitchen and living room of course.

Sorry about the lack of process pictures. It seems that if I don't format my card semi regularly then my card eats my images. GRRR!


  1. Cute Liz! did you sew it in 4 pieces?

  2. I love the tree. I didn't have that pictured in my mind but after seeing it; what can I say? I love it. Did I ever tell you I think you are a very talented and creative person? What a blessing to have the gift of creativity. I love you too.

  3. ~Mary, Yes it is 4 pieces. Thanks.

    ~Mama, Thanks. I have to use my creative genius somewhere right? Otherwise I might get grand plans to rule the world. :)