Sunday, January 18

Bubba in pictures

Granny accompanied me & Bubba to the park when we had a warm day recently. He started out the day a little scared of the grid that you walk on but was soon over that and running like a wild man wanting to do everything. Love it.

I love it when Daddy & Bubs do stuff together. They love to color and look through the scopes of Daddy's guns.

Bubba and I made baked chicken together too. He is really starting to take an interest in the kitchen and cooking.

It seems that we don't have a day that goes by without a request to color. (He is starting to say the word too.)

"What are you doin bud?"

We have a quilt to make for cousin J. My little guy wanted to help.

Potty training is on its way. Bubba is getting used to sitting still for a few minutes while on the potty.

"Dada I was sleeping."
"I'm going back to sleep."

Bubba is getting so creative with his toys. Recently he decided to make his own microphone stand with a wooden screwdriver and funnel.

So this is our last couple of weeks in pictures. Hope you enjoyed it.

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