Tuesday, January 27

I shall call you Crimson

One of my resolutions/goals this year was to make a garment for myself each month. Since the days of the month are decreasing rapidly I thought I should get started. I have a quick backup project if this one doesn't come to fruition by Saturday afternoon.

This is Simplicity 3750. I bought this pattern last summer. Or was it spring? At any rate that is why I have a clearly warmer weather garment when the current forecast doesn't peek over 50 degrees. This one was also up because I have had much of the material cut an in a project box for 5+ months. I am doing view A which is the drawing center left hand side. I am calling this blouse (Does anyone else use this word anymore?) Crimson in honor of the beautiful red I chose for the main fabric. I think Cherries & Cream would also have been an appropriate choice as the contrasting band is a white on white print.
I can't wait to put this on. That requires that is be much further on though. I did have to rip out the same seem several times tonight though so I put it away much sooner than I would have liked. Sometimes you just know when you are beat and must come back to it later. So the plan is to convince Hubby to take Bubba to Sportsman's Warehouse tomorrow so I can get in some **extra** quality time with my machine. Maybe a bribe of delicious homemade pizza for lunch will do the trick.
Wish me luck and that the seem ripper stays put away.


  1. I absolutely love that pattern. Very chic. Like the choice of color for the shirt also. The view you picked is the one I would choose first too. Miss you sugar. Hope your ok and your Heart is well. Be blessed. The Mama

  2. Good luck! I hope you find all of the extra time you need to complete this project.