Thursday, January 15

Blah, Blah this. Blah, blah that.

I feel bad for not posting anything of real substance in too long. Sorry bout that. I've been lazing about and missing my Col and waiting to see a therapist about some pretty pills and good advise. Today I got off my arse and did a few things around the house. Then I saw the therapist who gave me some good advise and a referral to see the other Dr about the pills. I got some retail therapy for SuperCheap (said best like Little Einsteins "Super Fast") at Joanns. Finally I got to see my most missed Col too. Oh yea and her hubs and little girl. All in all a good day. Want more detail? Keep reading.

The house has been a bit neglected while I have used fatigue and lack of interest as reasons for allowing it to be so. Today I made an effort. Laundry is 80% washed and dried with a 70% on put away. The kitchen (before dinner guests) made its way to useable again. I feel like I clean my kitchen at least 2-3 times a day. Does anyone else? Kitchen? Check. Hubs fixed the slow draining tub so I was able to clean it without sloshing around the dirt. Bathroom? Check. Vacuum floors? Check. Lots more do do tomorrow? Double check.

I did get a couple of financial issues resolved, at least for the month. Money makes me ill at times. Especially when we lack it come bill time. The winter is usually tight for us since Hubs cannot work in the cold but add in the current economic situation and we have an extraordinarliy hard time paying everything when due. To get those items checked off my list is heart lifting.

I think Dr M. is going to work out. He is older and wiser with lots of experience in the field. His advise until out next session is to start taking more Vitamin D, more than what is in my multi vitamin. He also recommended that I walk outside daily for at least 40 minutes. This kills 2 birds, need for sunlight & need for excersize, with one act. He also suggested that I attend a Women's group next Tuesday. I am certain I will be there. He also referred me to the med Dr. I'll be seeing Dr Swift at the end of the month.

I saved a boat load at Joanns today on Simplicity patterns and 4 fabrics that were half off, half off. That deserves it's own post with pictures.

And dinner with the Mc's was wonderful as always. I can't wait to do dinner at their house tomorrow night.

For now I am off to bed. Good night.

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