Tuesday, January 6

3 grocery stores & a trip across town by 1pm

That is what our morning looked like. We hit up Albertsons, Safeway and Target before racing through unloading / putting away and A's lunch. Then off to Grandpa's house for lunch and getting materials for the bed & chair project.

My Dad & I debated over many color combos. That choice doesn't have to be made for a couple of weeks so I will think on it a bit more.

After leaving Grandpa's we got home with a sleeper in the car. It was a good thing Hubs was home because I needed to hit up one more store before I could call it done for the week. I got some major good deals. I saved over $140 today. I spent about $175. I think that is about 45% savings. Not bad if I do say so myself. Thanks to Grocery Game for the assist.

Now I am beat and need some sleep before I go to my therapy intake appointment tomorrow. We won't be working on any issues yet, just figuring out what the issues are. Wish me luck. I'll report back anything interesting.

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  1. LUCK! Just wishing you luck. Sounds like you are super woman. I love you. Mama