Tuesday, October 7

Finally feeling better

Oh boy am I glad to finally be feeling better. All I have now is a bit of a cough and the need to blow my nose more than usual (but not nearly as much as when I was sick.
Since A and I are flying to AZ on Thursday I made myself buckle down yesterday and get lots of laundry done as well as scrubbing the tub and parts of the kitchen. Today will include more laundry (I'd like to have it all done so when I get home I only have to deal with travel & hunting laundry), cleaning the rest of the bathroom, changing sheets in both bedrooms and general dusting. For relaxation I should work on the Pleated Beauty Bag. FYI: only 11 weeks left until X-mas. That means my 100% handmade christmas might only be about 70%. Not too bad for a first year and a lesson to really start sooner for next year.
So I was going to tell all about our CA vacation but there is really not much to tell. We stayed in the middle of the desert with no real distractions. Grandma Shirley and I went shopping in town (32 miles away) one day and got the boy a really cute Raiders warm up suit. The rest of the time was spent soaking up as much sun as I could. I really hate how cold they keep their house. I was able to crochet a wool beanie for Hubs and start one for a woman. It is out of the softest bamboo yarn. The color scheme is pink camo. I like it so much I may have to keep it for myself. We shall see.
I am going to revise my handmade holiday post so you might want to check it out.

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