Saturday, October 18

Planning for a homemade holiday

I have decided since we are getting close I need a plan of attack on this home made holiday.
Things I need to get in RED
Things I already have in YELLOW
Next Actions in GREEN

DH - wool beanie, if I still have time I may make a lap quilt Need material. Lots of material.
Little Man - rag quilt, (crayon roll, colored pencil roll, marker roll) if time permits I will do these (we are also going to get him a big boy bed so the quilt will need to be more substantial than I was going to make.) Need material: 2 yds x 3 colors, batting, thread. Need TIME!

Sister - handbag (3 compartment, small, black, zipper and snap) I have the material for this. Pattern Complete. Cut material.
Princess V - rag quilt need material: 1.5 yds x 2 colors, batting
Jay Bug - rag quilt need material: 1.5 yds x 2 colors, batting

Uncle Doug & Aunt Phyllis - Embroidered napkins (4-6) Done!

Crystal - handbag I have the material for this. Cut material.

The Mama - apron Need Emmeline pattern.

Scarlett - tutu Need material, 3 yds tulle, elastic, silk flowers. Need waist measurement.

Susan - apron & hipslinger if time allows Need Emmeline pattern.
Linda - hipslinger if I have time

Matt - wool beanie & scarf, , Need 3 skeins wool in grey.
Colleen - handbag IN PROGRESS!
GG - Doll

Logan - rag quilt Need material: 1 yd x 2 colors.

Silhouette Ornaments- get paper for background and black
Jam - (11)
Banana Bread - (18) Find my recipe. Thaw bananas.

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