Wednesday, October 1

Sick day, again.

It is a good thing that I don't have a paying job. I would have been calling in sick all week long.
Today I got my new glasses ordered. I got 2 pair at America's Best. The second pair was about half price so I couldn't pass up getting a backup/sassy pair. The main pair are a bronze color and the second/sassy pair are red! When I get them in I will post photos. (It may have to wait until I get back from AZ.)
I also picked up Teach Me To Do It Myself from Barnes & Noble. I am excited about this one. I already read the introduction and can't wait until I get some time to plan the "work" for Alex. Based on a few things I have noticed about him recently I think he is really ready to begin this kind of preschool.

Today was a major test of my patience and I know that I passed but I don't think I got a very good grade. After looking into it further I found a new tooth breaking through, realized that naptime was pushed back and have to concede that he may not have been feeling as good as I thought he was. So he had reason to have a short temper. I think I need to remember that pausing before reacting will really benefit us both in the long run. So noted.

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